Aug 21, 2010

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The big day has come and gone, here is a recap in photos.....

Getting ready:

Recap photo 1Recap photo 2Recap photo 3Recap photo 4

Recap photo 5Recap photo 6

Recap photo 7Recap photo 8



Some Bridal Details:

Recap photo 9  Recap photo 10Recap photo 11

 To be continued......


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I love DIY, only I suffer from a severe case of DIY ADD (meaning I have a bazillion projects underway, but have only finished a few).  Most of my projects were inspired by things I've fallen in love with on PW : )

Flower girl basket:

16 glue gun blisters later photo 1

DIY Invitations:

16 glue gun blisters later photo 216 glue gun blisters later photo 316 glue gun blisters later photo 416 glue gun blisters later photo 516 glue gun blisters later photo 616 glue gun blisters later photo 7

I used Stardream Opal and Onyx paper, custom Zazzle Stamps, and clear Avery peel and stick labels.

Bridal Suite/Honeymoon Suite sign for doorknob of Hotel room:

16 glue gun blisters later photo 816 glue gun blisters later photo 9

Card Box - not quite finished, but still worthy of showing off:

16 glue gun blisters later photo 1016 glue gun blisters later photo 11

After finding genuine vintage mailboxes to be too expensive, I created this one out of a paper mache treasure chest, a table leg, and wood trim.  I still need to do some antiquing to it with ivory paint, as well as adding more flowers to the base, but overall I'm really proud of how it is turning out.

Socks for Fi:

16 glue gun blisters later photo 1216 glue gun blisters later photo 13

Idea lifted from Style Me Pretty's DIY section - super easy AND super cute project.

Stay tuned for more as I chip away at the never ending pile of half finished DIYs!

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'57 Rolls Royce, that is!  I'm so glad to have splurged on this beauty ('s a suprise for Fi).  The BMs and I will ride in it from our Hotel to the Venue for the ceremony, then Fi and I will roll out in it immediately following the ceremony for our pictures together.  I can't wait to roll down the back window to ask innocent passerbys "Pardon me, Sir, do you have any Grey Poupon?"!

Rollin down the street in my five seven photo 1Rollin down the street in my five seven photo 2Rollin down the street in my five seven photo 3Rollin down the street in my five seven photo 4

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My two Bridesmaids and I collectively couldn't be anymore different, but the ties that bind are the most important.  Each of my girls are incredibly loyal friends, unimaginably hilarious, and have both feet firmly planted on the ground - hence the title of this entry.

Stilettos Nikes and Slippers photo 1


Melissa - she is pictured in the middle.  My Stiletto.  She is one hot mama!  One hand mixing margaritas, the other whoopin' ass.  One night at one of our many house parties, she happened to walk past the open door of our bedroom only to see Fi and I on the bed makin' out like two teenagers.  Moments later, she ran into me in the den (we have two doors leading out of our bedroom and unbeknownst to her, I'd just left out the opposite door).  The look on her face was PRICELESS!  Her fists balled up and she grabbed me and tore into our bedroom so quick it made my head spin.  "What the F*ck!  He was JUST here!  G was JUST here making out with someone else ON YOUR BED!".  I heart my Diva Bridesmaid, my stiletto wearin', take no prisoners, fiercely loyal friend.  Needless to say, M. is in charge of my upcoming Bachelorette Party : )

Kari - on the right.  My Nikes, my "soccer mom".  Married with three kids aged 5, 4, and 3 (the youngest of which is Fi and I's God Son).  Her family is adorable.  The kind you see on commercials pitching oatmeal or hamburger helper.  Despite a full time job and an even fuller schedule (you should see her bulging day planner), she always manages to keep it all together (AND keep a perfect hairstyle!  WTF?).  She an ocean of calm in any storm.  Seriously.  Her house is a flippin' zoo 24/7, and right in the middle there she will be, folding perfectly laundered sheets and swiping imaginary dust off the shelves.  She is throwing my Bridal Shower "Luncheon" and I have no doubt it will be straight out of the magazines of 1950s Better Homes and Gardens.

Slippers?  That's me!  I'm too lazy for Nikes, too old for Stilettos (though both kinds are busting out of my bulging closet).  Since finding Fi, I am all too happy to spend my nights off work lazing around on the couch enjoying snuggle time with Fi and our Lil' Man.

Oh, and by the way, we've collectively decided the titles of "Bridesmaid" and "Matron of Honor" are too antiquated for this group.  From now on, the both are my "Best Girls".

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I am in love with my accessories and picture myself puttering around the house dusting and doing dishes while wearing them after the wedding.

My jewels were purchased from Etsy seller Plumbcrazy:

Diamonds and Pearls and Shoes oh my photo 1Diamonds and Pearls and Shoes oh my photo 2Diamonds and Pearls and Shoes oh my photo 3Diamonds and Pearls and Shoes oh my photo 4

And the shoes are "Secret File" by Unlisted (Kenneth Cole), found on


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Our wedding is still over two months away and the vendor I have been most literally BLOWN AWAY by is my Day Of Coordinator, The FABULOUS JACLYN TRAN!

I am a worrier by nature.  And not just a normal "worrier", but an obsessive - compulsive - ulcer inducing - nail biting to the bone - toss and turn with nightmares all night - paranoid  - worrier.  From the moment I met Jackie, I knew there would be nothing to worry about on the most important day of my life.  Not only do we share similiar tastes (HELLO! English Bulldogs!), but she is the only DOC I interviewed who was as organized and detail oriented as myself. 

Some of the things I value most about Jackie:

- She has magical calming powers which can induce a state of Zen in even the most frazzled Bride.

- Ninja like, she can blend in to the woodwork one minute, then strike with precision the second another vendor starts to get out of line.

- She has always gone above and beyond, and it is still over two months away from our wedding.  I may have hired a DOC, but feel like I've gotten so much more!

Please give The Fabulous Jaclyn Tran some love and visit her blog here:

And if you are a Seattle/Tacoma area Bride, do yourself a favor and snatch her up for your own wedding ASAP!