Jul 31, 2010

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wedding countdown


Hi my name is Clare and i am marrying Richard who i have loved since i was 15. i am 30 years old and Richard is 33. we have only been back together a short time. we split up when we were teenagers due to pressure from friends as he was 18 at the time but we always stayed friends. we both met other people and had children but i always had feelings for him and noone ever came close to him in any way. His sister is 1 of my best friends so i was invited to a lot of family parties and it was so hard seeing him there with his girlfriend but i just learned to live with it and convinced myself that he was happy and we werent meant to be. then 1 day totally out of the blue we got talking on the net and he told me that he wasnt happy and he had turned to the drink. by this time i was already single but he wasnt. 2 weeks later she threw him out so he was pretty lost for a while as he missed his 2 children and hit the drink hard. he started coming to see me as a friend and i gave him advice about his access rights, etc. we got talking 1 night about us and why we had split up. it was then that he totally shocked me and told me that he always had feelings for me and didnt think i was interested and his girlfriend always knew and was gealous of me and they always argued over it. this 2 was what me and my first husband always argued over. so we got back together there and then. i supported him as he gave up the drink and we made sure he maintained regular accesss 2 his 2 children. the responses of our exes was funny, my ex said he kinda saw it coming and his ex was lets jut say annoyed lol. life is absolutely wonderful now. we have 6 children between us, my 4 live with us and richards 2 stay on weekends. My babies father has never had anything 2 do with her and Rich is brilliant with her so he wants to adopt her as soon as we are married.

As for the whole getting married thing. that has taken everyone by suprise as Rich always told everyone that he would never get married. so when he asked me it was a huge shock to the family lol. i couldnt beleive it but knew it was right. i love him so much and i finally feel complete.