Jan 02, 2010

Chrissy O Designs
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
I gave Chrissy O's 2 stars based on the fact that their bridesmaid dress prices are unbeatable. The discount they give is very generous and the best in the local area. I recommend this place for the bridesmaid dresses only. Now- if you are a bride and are considering getting your dress there- please reconsider. I am speaking from experience... very recent experience. This is a bit of a long review but well worth reading. I went in January of this year and found my gown. The staff - Kathy especially- were very gracious and helpful. My Mom put a deposit on my gown, we made an appointment to come back with all my bridesmaids (7 in total), mom, stepmom, to pick out their dresses and also have me fitted for my gown. We made this reservation for all of us 8 weeks in advance. March comes and we all go into the store eager and excited. When I say we were treated like dirt, I mean, we were treated like dirt. As another reviewer said, it was as if they had my money (the original deposit for my gown) so they didn't really care. They decided that the girls who were shopping for their prom dresses -WALK INS by the way- were more important and deserved a dressing room over me and my ladies. At the end of the day, Chrissy O's received well over $2,000 from all of us. I spoke to Kathy and told her how disappointed I was. I was considerate of their business, made an appointment well in advance, and told them the exact amount of girls that would be making a purchase that day. This was guaranteed money for them... so maybe that's where I went wrong. Making them know they had our business. I understand that prom is a busy time of year for them. HOWEVER-I feel that if people have appointments.... that walk-ins should not be given dressing rooms before the customers who have an appointment. Now- onto the dress. I decided not to get my dress altered at Chrissy O's because they lost my business once they treated me like trash. Not only did they lose my business but they lost my trust, so there was no way I was going to let them touch my dress. I took my dress to Bridals by Lisa in Parsippany. Lisa took my dress out of the garment bag and said, "Did they order the dress to your height?" What? No? Turns out that Maggie dresses can be ordered to your height with a slight fee of $75. Instead my alterations are now costing me $250. Thanks Chrissy O's for going the extra mile! On top of this....When I had gone to Chrissy O's to get my dress I found my dream veil. THE veil. I was told by them that this veil is only made for one dress and that was that. I asked them, "Are you sure that Maggie doesn't sell them seperately?" "No. Sorry." Ok. Well the good news ladies is I mentioned this to Lisa and she got on the phone with her sales rep from Maggie Sottero and my veil arrives next week!!! It was no problem whatsoever. I feel bad for giving a bad review. I really do, but these are all things I would want to know if I were a bride. As I mentioned in the beginning, this is a great places to get your bridesmaid dresses from, but as a bride, I would never recommend it. If you are looking for Maggie Sottero dresses go to Bridals by Lisa. She is amazing and will go the extra mile for you!
Services used: Dress & Attire