Mar 03, 2010

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At the beginning of my cake search, all I knew was that I wanted cupcakes!!! :)

Through my venue, I found my cake lady (always ask your vendors if they can recommend anyone, you're generally guaranteed of their quality and sometimes you might even get a discount).

Roz, from Exclusive Cakes 4 All, is fantastic! All she wants to do is create my dream cake, exactly the way I want it, down to the finest details.

I've never seen a cake/cupcake tower, like the one Roz is making for me so I'll have to describe it the best I can and show you my inspiration pics.

We're having a small round cake at the top of the cupcake tower and 3-4 tiers of cupcakes below.
The cupcakes will be vanilla butter cream or chocolate mud cupcakes, the vanilla ones will have white chocolate ganache on top and the chocolate ones will have chocolate ganache on top.
They will have pink foil cases and be covered in cachous, I wish I could show you a picture, they just look incredible!
The cake at the top will be covered in chocolate ganache and topped with cachous as well. The cachous will drop down the side like icicles.

I really don't think I've done my cake/cupcake tower justice with my description so here are my inspiration pics :)

The Cake photo 1  The Cake photo 2

The Cake photo 3

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We're having our reception at 'The Blue Gecko', a small restaurant just down the road from the Botanical Gardens, where we're having our ceremony.

While we're having our photo's taken, we'll have pre-dinner drinks at the restaurant starting at 5pm so everyone can have a chat and relax before dinner.

We'll be arriving at 6pm which is when they'll start the bar-tab and guests will take their seats and place their entree orders.

Between the Entree and Main meals we'll have speaches. At this stage it will just be FI's parents, my parents and our MOH and Best Man that will give speaches.

After dessert we'll have the garter and bouquet toss. As their are only two single people on our guest list (one of the groomsmen and my grandma) we're enviting everyone to catch the 'lucky' garter/bouquet.

Neither Nev or I enjoy dancing so we'll have background music, but we wont have a designated dance floor. Though if people wish to dance we definately won't stop them :)

Here are pics of the room we will be having our reception in

The Reception photo 1 The Reception photo 2

The Reception photo 3 The Reception photo 4

The Reception photo 5 The Reception photo 6

The Reception photo 7< my little boy, wanting to be part of the action

The Reception photo 8 The Reception photo 9

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The staff at The Blue Gecko have been fantastic and so supportive of how we want our 'big day' to be. Teresa, our event planner at the reception venue, has worked with me to create a unique menu, even though they don't usually make some of the dishes I've requested!

Here is our menu


Prawn Cocktails

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Savoury Tarts


Salmon with Dill Hollandaise

Reef & Beef (reef optional)

Mushroom & Chicken Ravioli with Creamy Mushroom Sauce


Served with tea & coffee


Chocolate Mousse

Apple & Blueberry Crumble with Creme Anglaise




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I haven't made any final decisions as to hair and make up but I wanted to share my inspirations :)


Hairstyles and Make up photo 1 

Make Up

Hairstyles and Make up photo 2

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I bought my first dress, mainly due to financial constraints.

A few months later I realised I really didn't like my wedding gown and decided to buy another and sell my original dress. I was successful in finding a dress that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.

Here are the pics

The Dress photo 1
The original dress - Grace by Maggie Sottero

The Dress photo 2

This is my amazing new dress!

The Dress photo 3
Q182 - Quinceanera 2009

The Dress photo 4
The detailing on the bodice

The Dress photo 5
On the hanger, where I first fell in love with it

The Dress photo 6
On me, where I fell it love with it all over again :D

More pics at my first fitting. The skirt doesn't look so full because I had a large hooped skirt underneath the first time

The Dress photo 7 The Dress photo 8 The Dress photo 9 The Dress photo 10 The Dress photo 11 The Dress photo 12 The Dress photo 13

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I originally wanted the boys to wear a chocolate brown suit (like the one below), but after much wailing and nashing of teeth I gave in.

The boys attire photo 1

They're now having a more casual, but super funky, black/brown pants, white shirt with personal cufflinks and a '1920's gangster' hat. My inspiration came from fellow PWer LadyY, who's groom is wearing the same.

The boys attire photo 2

It's so cool!