Mar 03, 2010

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Bridesmaids flowers

My inspiration

Flowers photo 1

My bouquet

My inspiration.

Flowers photo 2

It's actually quite similar to 'theprincessbride's bouquet but I'm leaning more towards ivory and maybe a very pale pink

Flowers photo 3

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Our wedding is at 3pm on the 3rd of March 2010. In Australia, March is the first month of autumn and in Mackay (our home town) it's still very warm. So I've been panicking about people getting too hot and being uncomfortable.

I thought about program fans, they look great and are obviously very practical. But I couldn't stretch my budget to include them. So I searched for a cheaper solution and found this.

Ceremony in the sun photo 1

It's a rose coloured paper hand fan, courtesy of a lovely lady on ebay

Please check out her Ebay shop, it has tonnes of great ideas for warm weather weddings

The best thing about these fans is that they match our colour theme!!! I can just imagine these gorgeous pink fans fluttering around during the ceremony!

The fans will be placed on a small table with an ivory tablecloth. I'm also putting a small sign on the table... my mum/mom isn't too sure about my choice of words, but everyone who knows me will understand and have a giggle.

Ceremony in the sun photo 2


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My bridesmaids will be my closest three friends; Ashleigh, Kylie and Charli. They're all gorgeous girls that have stood by me during all the ups and downs in my life.

The girls dresses will be this one, by Mori Lee. But in chocolate brown instead of black.

The bridesmaids photo 1

All my bridesmaids are different sizes but I think this dress will be flattering for all of them :)

I really wanted to have pomanders from my bridesmaids (this was my first DIY). But I decided on going for traditional bouquets when I decided to use the pomanders as ceremony decorations.

The bridesmaids photo 2

So now, the idea for my BM's bouquets is this.

The bridesmaids photo 3

I picked up one of my BM's gifts yesterday. It's a simple heart shape pendant with Cubic Zirconia's embedded inside it. I'm really pleased with these :)

The bridesmaids photo 4

The bridesmaids photo 5

The clutches I bought for my BM's arrived in the mail today and I couldn't be happier! They're perfect!

The bridesmaids photo 6 The bridesmaids photo 7

The bridesmaids photo 8

I got these from an eBay seller; Auswedding. I still can't get over how fast she posted them! And they were a fantastic price!

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We're having the ceremony in our home town of Mackay, Queensland, Australia. It's a lovely little town/city with a population of 80,000 people and the main trades that keep the town running are coal mining and sugar cane.

The ceremony will be at the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens  under a gorgeous big tree.

The ceremony photo 1The ceremony photo 2

We'll be having chairs with white chair covers under the tree and have tissue paper pomanders in fuschia hanging from the branches.

These are my ceremony inspiration photos :)

The ceremony photo 3 The ceremony photo 4

 The ceremony photo 5

My brother has written a song for our wedding and will play/sing it as I walk down the aisle. He played it for me the other day and now I'm certain I'm going to be crying before I even get to the end of the aisle! Hahahaha!

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Nev and I had been dating for only a few months when we started discussing marriage and even kids. We knew that we had something special and what it would lead to.

Nev asked what type of rings I liked and I googled a few for him to have a look at. Then one day we were in the main shopping mall in my town when he suggests that we have a look at a jewellers. We were browsing the diamond rings when I spot the most perfect ring I've ever seen. It's so simple and understated yet stunning and elegant in it's simplicity. The jeweller is letting me examine the ring when Nev finds one that he prefers. The jeweller looks at the ring that Nev is pointing to, looks back to the ring I'm holding and laughs. We'd both picked the exact same ring!!! Though I must add, Nev had picked the better colour diamond.

Nev paid for the ring then and there and we waited for it to arrive.

It arrived a few weeks later but Nev said that he wanted to ask my dad's permission first and then propose to me when he was ready.

I waited impatiently :)

Our six month anniversary was getting close and Nev and I decided to celebrate by going to the best restaurant in town. I have a hunch that our anniversary might be 'E-day' but I try not to get my hopes up.

The morning of our 6 month anniversary I'm woken up by Nev shaking my shoulder at 6am. Once both my eyes are open Nev get's down on one knee and my eyes nearly pop out of my head! He asks me if I would do him the 'ultimate' honour and become his wife. Everyone now knows my answer.

The engagement photo 1

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Nev (Neville) and I met on Facebook. We found each other through old school friends and found out that our best friends had dated each other in grade 10. We started chatting on msn and found that we had so much in common, especially our sense of humour.

One night I was bored at home, my parents were in England for a holiday, my brother was in his room playing some computer game and my little boy was tucked up in bed. I was, as usual, chatting to Nev and randomly asked him if he'd like to come over and watch a movie. It was too late in the night at the time so we agreed to catch up the next night.

Nev got out of his car and followed his nose to the door of my house. I'd made my famous slow cooked BBQ ribs and the mouth-watering smell had drifted out onto the street. He was gorgeous, he'd lost the awkwardness of his teenage physique and developed into a 'strapping young man'. I was smitten!

We sat down to dinner and chatted and laughed about stories from high school, finding out what all our old friends were up to now. Then we sat down to watch a movie and the electricity between us seemed to crackle in the dark.

We started dating that night.

How we met photo 1