Mar 03, 2010

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My MOH and my mum organised my Hen's Night (Bachelorette party). It was Twilight themed because my MOH and I are total Twilight addicts. I had the best time and the decorations were awesome!

Hen s Night photo 1Hen s Night photo 2Hen s Night photo 3Hen s Night photo 4Hen s Night photo 5Hen s Night photo 6Hen s Night photo 7Hen s Night photo 8Hen s Night photo 9Hen s Night photo 10Hen s Night photo 11Hen s Night photo 12Hen s Night photo 13Hen s Night photo 14Hen s Night photo 15Hen s Night photo 16Hen s Night photo 17Hen s Night photo 18Hen s Night photo 19

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Wedding Collage photo 1

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I made tissue paper flowers as a trial idea for my BM's, but once we decided on the ceremony location I realised I'd prefer the tree to be 'carrying' the pomanders instead of my BM's.

A few people have asked me how to make the tissue paper flowers, which are then stuck into a foam/florists foam ball and hung by ribbon or fishing line for that 'floating' look.

So here are my step by step instructions on how to make a tissue paper flower :)

What you will need
- tissue paper in your prefered colour
- scissors
- florists wire

1. Take a rectangle of tissue paper in your prefered colour, then place 4-6 layers on top of one another.

DIY Pomander instructions photo 1

2. Start folding the tissue paper, accordian style, from the short side. The folds should be approximately and inch wide.

DIY Pomander instructions photo 2 DIY Pomander instructions photo 3

3. Then gather the folds together and fold in half

DIY Pomander instructions photo 4

4. Take a 20cm ( or 8 Inch) length of florist wire and bend in half

DIY Pomander instructions photo 5

5. Slip the wire over the tissue paper and secure by twisting the wire

DIY Pomander instructions photo 6

6. Cut curved edges on the two ends of the tissue paper

DIY Pomander instructions photo 7

7. Fan the tissue paper out

DIY Pomander instructions photo 8

7. Gently start lifting up one layer of tissue paper at a time, it's ok if it tears, no one will notice.

DIY Pomander instructions photo 9 DIY Pomander instructions photo 10

8. Keep going till all the layers have been pulled up

DIY Pomander instructions photo 11 DIY Pomander instructions photo 12

And there you have it, a tissue paper flower.

Stick a heap of them in a foam ball and you have either this

DIY Pomander instructions photo 13

or this

DIY Pomander instructions photo 14

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I hunted far and wide for a comfortable pair of theoretical 'glass slippers' to marry my prince in. But being a size 11 does tend to make things a little difficult in a size 8 average world.

My mum and I went down to brisband in April this year and found a really gorgeous pair of red, italian, patent leather heels.

The Shoes photo 1

I decided to wear them last weekend to my parent's 30th wedding anniversary dinner.
*insert dead pac-man music here*
I put them on, did my make-up and by the time I'd finished my toes were numb... my make-up generally only takes 5-10 minutes... THEY WERE TOO SMALL :'(

I was so upset, my wedding shoes didn't fit!

I told my mum and wonderful person that she is, asked if she could try them on a few days later. They fit like a glove and made her feet look gorgeous. So she offered to buy them off me and give me the money towards the wedding or another pair of shoes. YAY for mum!

So yesterday after work I pop round to one of our sister stores (they're all under the same group) and I wincingly (is that even a word? If not it is now!) asked her if they had any pretty heels in a size 11. She found me 3! It must be a record or something!

And I fell in love with these babies. I originally wanted something I could wear again but with a price tag of $20 (reduced from $80) who cares?! :D

The Shoes photo 2The Shoes photo 3

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The basic idea of our invitations are petal cards

Stationary photo 1 

with the invitation printed on square cream cardstock, stuck to the inside with double sided tape

Stationary photo 2 Stationary photo 3


I'm so in love with my menu! Though I think it's mainly because of the food :D

The menu will printed on the same cream cardstock as the invitations, but in an A5 size to be tucked into the napkins.

Stationary photo 4Stationary photo 5

I'm not sure who's pic the napkin one is, but if it's yours let me know :)


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2 months before the wedding and I completely change my mind about my centrepieces!

I'm taking the idea of the candy buffet and giving it a twist.

Each table will have a giant martini glass in the centre which will be filled with pink candy (to match the wedding colours) and have a little scoop sitting on top. Everyone at the table will have a little bag at the place setting with a sticker on it, inviting them to tuck in :)

The Centerpieces photo 1 The Centerpieces photo 2

Reception, Purple, Candy, Buffet, Boxes I love this sticker on jasminealaine's candy boxes

I've even been considering sitting a sign on top of the candy like this one from nickisansonetti's weddingCandy, Buffet 

 sign by camelsintexas