Oct 09, 2010

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We are getting married at my dream location, Wayfarers Chapel! It's a glass church nestled between Redwood trees on a bluff overlooking the ocean. This church often does 4 weddings on any given Saturday so we had to book it 14 months out, our wedding day is Saturday 10.09.10!

The Wedding photo 1

The Wedding photo 2The Wedding photo 3

Our reception will be held in the private Napa Room at the HT Grill in Redondo Beach.

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Food and Drinks photo 1Food and Drinks photo 2


Love the simplicity of this cake. Will probably have a few more roses on it, and we also have a swarovski crystal "G" cake topper. FI and I both LOVE Red Velvet cake and think it goes perfect with our Old Hollywood Black, White and Red theme. Food and Drinks photo 3



We are also serving Beer, wine and a signature champagne cocktail. Since my FI's last name is Gibellino, we are doing a take on the traditional peach Bellini, and calling our signature drink "Gibellini's."

Food and Drinks photo 4



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Bridesmaids photo 1

Bridesmaids will wear red flowers in their hair.


Bridesmaids photo 2

Bridesmaid dresses from White House Black Market. Best part is they have pockets! Love that the girls can wear them again!

My bridal party:

I handmade/sent cards asking the girls to be in the wedding and inviting them to come to dessert fondue at my favorite fondue restaurant to celebrate. Here are some pics from that night:

Bridesmaids photo 3

Me with my two maids of honor - My sister on the left and best friend on the right of me:

Bridesmaids photo 4

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My fiance and I have been dating since July 2006 and he proposed to me on May 1, 2009, right before we left on a cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Belize. We had been ring shopping before so I sort of knew it was coming althought I thought he would propose on the cruise. Before we were supposed to leave for the airport to catch our red-eye flight to Miami, he took me to this nice Italian reatauramt and then to this park overlooking the Ocean where he had originally given me my promise ring two years before. I was thinking "what the heck, we have to go to the airport right now." He told me we had to wait for his brother to come get us as he was supposed to pick us up and take us to the airport. After walking around the park for 10 to 15 minutes, it started to rain, at this point I kind of thought it was going to happen but it didn't...We headed back to where we had parked his car and it was gone. He pretended to call a tow truck company and told me he thought it was towed because he might have accidentally parked in handicapped. Of course his brother had really hidden his car. All of a sudden a limo came around the corner with our suitcases in it and he told me we were taking the limo to the airport. He then told me..."No matter how many cars get towed, or bad things that happen to us in our lifetime, we'll always have eachother." As soon as we started driving in the limo, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife and spend the rest of my life with him. I was so happy I started crying. We spent the next 7 days celebrating on a relaxing vacation, it was like a pre-honeymoon, we were so happy!

Here is us on our cruise, just engaged:

The Proposal The Ring photo 1

Zip-lining adventure in Belize

The Proposal The Ring photo 2

Here is us on our most recent vacation to Santorini, was sooo beautiful and AMAZING.

The Proposal The Ring photo 3

Here is my ring...he did an awesome job!!

The Proposal The Ring photo 4

The Proposal The Ring photo 5