Jul 25, 2010

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So I posted a while back about how I was really unhappy with my florist and the CP mockup that he did. After the second time I still didn't think that he understood what he wanted. I went in to tell him that we went to another florist and will no longer be needing his services. He spent 20 minutes convincing me to let him do another mockup. I have to say that I was really apprehensive, but this time he (or rather his boss, who made the arrangement) hit the nail on the head. I asked for a vibrant arrangement and I think I'd rather have nothing else than this :)

Here is the progression...

Flowers photo 1 first CP. I think I was so shocked I could barely speak when I saw this.

Flowers photo 2 Second try...still not good. Way too much white.

Flowers photo 3 So, so much better!!!

Flowers photo 4 Flowers photo 5Flowers photo 6

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I was going to use a team of ladies for my hair and make up that a friend of mine is using, but since I like to procrastinate and didn't contact them until now, we've been having a lot of trouble finding a time when we were all available to meet. Then Daniela1229 posted on the NYC Brides board that she has been training with a make up artist and is looking to get into the business herself. I got a really good vibe from her and decided to contact her and set up a trial.

Can I say that I have never been so happy with the way I looked after she worked her magic?! She was very professional, well organized,  and she really listened to my suggestions. And when I wasn't sure what I wanted she stepped in with the perfect solutions.

Here is my "before" look

Make Up Trial photo 1 Make Up Trial photo 2

I asked Dani to emphasize my eyes with my all time favorite color - purple.

Make Up Trial photo 3Make Up Trial photo 4 I was really happy with the make up that she chose for me. I look made up, but I don't look like a clown. The foundation blend she made was perfect - there is no visible difference between my face and the rest of my skin. Every time I've gotten my make up done before, the artist used a foundation that was too yellow. Not this time :)

I then asked her to try a different look on my eye - using brown eye shadow. We decided to leave one eye purple so that I can better see the difference. So yea, I've been walking around all day - outside too - with two different eye shadows!

Make Up Trial photo 5 Make Up Trial photo 6Make Up Trial photo 7Make Up Trial photo 8

I've been so happy with the look that I haven't stopped taking pictures of myself. I feel that she made me feel so pretty and so much more excited about my wedding day because I know I am in capable hands. I will also have Dani do the make up for my e-pics shoot in two weeks. I think I'll have her do the brown eye then and leave the purple for the wedding :)

Make Up Trial photo 9

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Ori and I were going back and forth between different websites and professional printing shops when choosing our invitations. We knew that we wanted the design Ori made - that was the most important part. We went to a print shop near us and the guy quote $400 for 100 invites & RSVPs, but I hated the paper. To get the textured paper would be an extra $100, so we decided to bite the bullet and use to print our invitations for more than half the price. I must say that they look fantastic! And they have better paper than the printshop was offering. We spent $144 with S&H for 100 invitations and RSVP cards, and then another $45 for cream envelopes from I'm soooo happy we did it!

Invitations photo 1 The paper is called felt. It feels fantastic :)

Invitations photo 2 Our RSVPs!

Invitations photo 3 This is what FI designed. He is doing all of our designs and artistic stuff :)

I cannot wait to send these puppies out in a few days!

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So it's still more than 10 months away from my weddings (yes, two) and I already have both of my dresses! We are having the ceremony and a reception in Brooklyn on July 25, and since my fiancé’s family lives in Israel, and we cannot possibly expect them all to make it, on August 6 we are having a reception in Israel. It's going to be insane, I am sure, just because it's going to take a lot to coordinate everything, but I am sure that we can get through it.

About three weeks ago, Monica's Bridal was having a Pronovias trunk show and I have been in love with their designs ever since a friend of mine showed me one of their dresses over a year ago. So I knew I had to at least go try one on before anything else. And I did. And I ended up buying the first dress that I put on! My mom said that it took her breath away, and when something like that happens it's hard to pass up the dress. I tried on a few more just because I could and just to make sure that I didn't want another style. You know, it's funny how your ideas about what is expensive and what's not change when your shopping for a wedding dress. Before, I would balk at the idea of spending $500 on a dress for one night. When I heard that my dress, with the discount, would be $1,725 I thought, "Oh, that's not bad at all!" LoL. It's crazy! But I am really, really excited about it. And the best part is that it is just my size! I have 9 pounds left to lose on my WW program and once those go and I shape up at the gym, I will not need a single alteration done! Which is really good, because the dress price included my budget for alterations and I am trying really hard not to spend more than intended. So yea, happiness!

Here's the dress - if you want a closer look, the name of the dress is Rosalba and you can find it on the Pronovias website.

Said Yes to two dresses photo 1


The dress for the Israeli wedding is a lot more laid back than this since it's going to be at least 100 degrees there in August and I don't want to melt. Also Israeli weddings are a lot more laid back. The best part about that dress is that I found it on eBay. And with shipping and handling the whole thing cost me $38!!!!!!! I am so, so happy that I was able to find a dress for that cheap and in my size. While my fiance's parents are taking care of the planning and the paying overseas, we still have to budget in outfits and travel expenses into our overall wedding expenses. I think I got really lucky with this dress! It's also Ivory - the pictures taken by the seller made it look a bit yellow - and it is hand beaded and is just the right amount of informal but still says "hey, I'm the bride here!"

Said Yes to two dresses photo 2Said Yes to two dresses photo 3Said Yes to two dresses photo 4

I'm really happy with both my purchases and thought I'd share the good news with everyone :)




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I have been having the most bizarre dreams about getting married. Crazy part is that the wedding is still more than 10 months away!

I had one dream that we decided to have the wedding earlier than planned. In my first dream, a bunch of people were gathered around and we just decided to have the wedding right there and then. We got married by a random Rabbi, standing next to a piano. Then I realized that the band wasn't playing when they were supposed to and we forgot to invite my fiance's parents and most of my family!

The other night I dreamt that I was marrying a much older guy who just smelled like my finace. When he said that we had to get ready for the wedding I realized that I forgot to place an order for the food. And he says, "Make sure that you order the stewed tomatoes." I then realize that I have forgotten to tell everyone about the wedding - and thus do not know how many stewed tomatoes to order.
So yea, kind of insane..loL. Let's hope that they don't continue to get worse. Or maybe if they do I can compile a funny story book!
Ahhh, good times :)
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Ori and I met on Jdate. I was on that website for over three years and thankfully it paid off. He really is the love of my life and I could not be happier becoming his wife. I knew that I was going to marry him as soon as I saw his picture. Just one of those wonderful gut feelings :)

about us photo 1

about us photo 2