Jun 27, 2010

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Well the wedding went off without a hitch but we have a few items that may be perfect for another bride's wedding vision. So here are some things for sale that I hope will help you!

**I live near Boston so local is preferable but not necessary.

New Maggie Sottero gown, never been worn, size 16, diamond white $500

12 Shepherd hooks


10 strands of acrylic beads used for my wish tree

For Sale Hooks garland New MAGGIE photo 1   For Sale Hooks garland New MAGGIE photo 2


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When I started planning my wedding, my already married sister gave me some advice: choose three things that are important to you and leave the rest to someone else. Invitations and decorations top the list and although I have a whole slew of DIY projects up my sleeve, this is by far my favorite.

THOUGHT PROCESS: Sangria is our signature drink and I really love the idea of using corks and empty  wine bottles to decorate the three different wedding locations. With this in mind, I really want to have some interesting flower holders at the cocktail hour for people to also take away as favors. But who wants a boring old empty wine bottle and another bud vase? Thinking cap!

I saw a catalog for Artful Home and tucked in the back were these reversed etched colored bottles with very cool sayings (the entire bottle was etched, leaving the letters in clear glass). Sayings like: LOVE - Warning causes dizziness. Recommended in excess, DREAMS: Drink deeply and believe. They were perfect wedding sayings but outrageously expensive bottles so I decided to make my own version! No etching only style.


1. Wine bottles - lots of 'em. I retrieved the wine bottles being thrown out after a christmas party at my work. No worries, they knew what I was doing. Straight ones are better than v-shaped ones I have come to find out. Soak the labels off and clean well. I like clear ones, but colored ones are fun too

2. Paper and printer - you will have to experiment to see which works best with your printer. Paper cutter, Glue stick,

3. Embellishments - I used a silver paint pen and ribbon


1. Using Word, I took the sayings from the catalog, added our names and wedding date, put them into a border I got from Clip Art, played around with color and accents and then printed on a laser printer at work. SHHH.

Here is my first attempt:

DIY Bottle Labels photo 1

2. I lined the edges with a silver paint pen, trying a couple of different options - silver paint, a silver sharpie, but the silver paint pen worked the best.

This is the final label product although the picture is not as crisp as I would like.

DIY Bottle Labels photo 2

Here is the corner.

DIY Bottle Labels photo 3

3. So now that I have the label, a bottle is in order. I recommend buying lots of bottles of wine you like, sharing them with your FI, all in the name of science, well, an experiment, ok, a trial of sorts. Or you can steal them from parties you attend. I found that the perfectly round bottles, while boring in shape, make for the best specimen.

4. I thought I would try spray glue first, I hear it is good for everything. At my first attempt, it turned out gloppy, too thick in one area and not enough in another. It oozed out the sides of the label as I tried to smooth it out...yuck. It also soaked into the paper in the areas where is was thicker and ruined the label. Here is what it looked like.


DIY Bottle Labels photo 4

5. So for my next experiment, I tried a super bond glue stick and a completely cylindrical bottle which made the smoothing out a lot easier. I would highly recommend using the glue stick cause it allows for adjusting.

DIY Bottle Labels photo 5

Here is one of the final products, with some added ribbon and voila - a personalized wine bottle/vase to go the tables at our cocktail hour and to scatter around the mansion we are using for our wedding day festivities. Tags will be added with little notes encouraging people to take these home as a momento of our wedding.

DIY Bottle Labels photo 6

It is an easy project and adds a personalized touch to your special day. Enjoy!

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So we came home from having pie and Juliano had decorated the bedroom in anticipation that I would say yes...there were rose petals all over the bed, he had taped signs of our saying on the walls, bought I bottle of champagne and a nightie for me.  It was surprise after surprise after surprise with him. 

We called his parents in Brazil - they already knew.  We got to chat with them on Skype video chat and they had a big sign with balloons and toasts! It was so incredibly sweet.  

It was a night I will never forget. Here are the few photos we have.  You can see how I was obviously crying.

Engagement after pie photo 1

Engagement after pie photo 2

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I love Bunker Hill Day.

Mellissa likes to say she went out on a date with her boyfriend and came home engaged because she had no clue Juliano was going to propose.

Juliano says he was cool as a cucumber even though he had sort of been lying to Mellissa for a month.

The couple decided to go to their favorite restaurant in Charlestown for their favorite dessert - raspberry crumb pie. Juliano an avid photographer decided he wanted to head up to Bunker Hill - another favorite spot - to take some nighttime pictures. Hungry and a little impatient, Mellissa went along for the pictures, stopping only to think it was very weird that Juliano was wearing a jacket in the summer time. Mellissa had a brief flash that he was going to propose but blew it off because he seemed so calm.

On top of Bunker Hill, Jul started taking pictures of the Boston skyline as Mellissa scoped out shots for him. But he had other things in mind.

While she had her back to him, Juliano quietly said, Do you know what day it is? Yeah its Wednesday, Mellissa replied. Yes but it is also Bunker Hill day, Juj said. Oh really, how exciting, Mellissa exclaimed turning around. But that is not why I brought you here Juliano said softly as he dropped to one knee.

Still slightly confused, all Mellissa could think was that he had hurt himself and needed help up. It was only when he held out the ring box and asked, Mellissa Knowles will you marry me, did she fully grasp the magnitude of the moment. Juliano was proposing to her on Bunker Hill ON Bunker Hill Day.

So excited and overwhelmed, she started to cry, then choked on her own hair, said yes, kissed him and promptly slapped Juliano on the arm lightly for tricking her. After calling her mom, they went and had pie.

That was the best trip for pie ever.

THE END or rather just THE BEGINNING.


The Engagement photo 1The Engagement photo 2 

He proposed right in front of where that couple is sitting.

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Our Story

It is really quite simple. Boy and girl meet, boy likes girl, girl resists all attempts at romance, boy is patient until girl is ready, boy kisses girl and girl falls in love. See, quite simple.


Juliano and I met about four years ago when he started working downstairs from her apartment. They were good friends for the first few years, spending time going out, chatting about music, shoveling snow, and laughing...a lot. Then things started to change.


Here is where our stories differ:


I say I resisted his five months of wooing for fear of ruining their friendship. One day after a friendly evening out, I sort of gave in and let him kiss me. Much to my surprise, I fell in love. At that moment.


Juliano says he always had a thing for me but was too shy to pursue me. He always thought I was out of his league until one day I dared him to kiss me. And he did. Not to his surprise, he fell in love too. At that moment.

We both agree it was definitely the kiss that sealed the deal.


How we met photo 1

Our second date - A Reel Big Fish concert!