Oct 07, 2005

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Wedding Review

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and beautiful, despite the rain! We were supposed to have our ceremony outdoors, but oh well. I woke up that morning without a care in the world. I looked out the window at the dreary day and threw my arms in the air and said, “This is my wedding day and nothing will ruin it because I am marrying the love of my life!!!” Then I called Scott at our house and told him how much I loved him and couldn’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. And it really was the most magical day ever!!! I have not one bad thing to say, some mishaps, but nothing earth shattering.

Perona Farms (A+)
Ruth was our maitre d’ and she catered to our every whim. Although our ceremony was supposed to be outdoors, they did an outstanding job of making the indoor ceremony room perfect. The food was outstanding (so I hear!!!). The cocktail hour was wonderful. They had fabulous food that you don’t normally find at a wedding, like banana spring rolls, shrimp scampi in filo, oysters, and their specialty smoked salmon display. People are still raving about the food and the impeccable service. They waited on everyone hand and foot. When we got home from our honeymoon there was a lovely note from our banquet manager thanking us for having our wedding there. I just thought it was a really nice touch.

Josh Lynn (A++++)
Josh is my favorite vendor. He is such a great guy and he just makes you feel so comfortable from the moment you meet with him. All along the process, he would call or e-mail just to check in to see how everything was. The day of, he arrived at the hotel to take pictures of us getting ready and he just relaxed me completely! Everyone said how great he was and you didn’t even know he was there. I don’t really like the traditional posed pictures, but I knew I had to do some of them and he made them seem so natural! At the reception, Josh set up his laptop with a photo montage of the pictures he had taken of Scott and I getting ready and of our ceremony. It was a wonderful touch that we did not expect. Another thing we did not expect is that he put a mini album of pictures in our card box as a gift to us! It was amazing. His work is just INCREDIBLE.
Villanovisions (A)
Rob is incredible!! He was supposed to do a pre-wedding shoot of Scott and I re-enacting our engagement, but we never got the chance to do it, so we are hopefully getting together in the next couple of weeks to film it. He was very unobtrusive and we didn’t even know he was there. Great guy and tons of fun to work with!

Danny C (A)
Danny C was our DJ and he is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! He had everyone on the dance floor all night long and everyone was coming up to me commenting on how fabulous he was. He has so much energy and is just all around a really nice guy. He was the reason the wedding was so much fun. That was exactly what Scott and I wanted and Danny C definitely delivered! He even made special announcements for our out of town guests and did a special dedication to our best friends who got engaged recently. The only reason I did not give him an A+ was because I requested the Hora to be played and it was not. I also requested that no participation dances (with the exception of the Hora) be played, unless someone really really had to hear it, and the Electric Slide and some other participation dance was played, but that’s not really his fault if someone in fact did request it. I would absolutely without a doubt recommend him if you want a FUN wedding!

Vita Vinci, An Affair to Remember (A+++++)
Vita is an incredible person. As a friend and a business woman, she is just awesome inside and out. She has the most amazing personality and if you are looking for a wedding planner, Vita is your woman! I loved working with her and she just always knows the right things to say and do and her ideas are amazing!

The Allwood Florist (A++++)
My flowers were absolutely spectacular. I was so pleased with the flowers and service we got. This florist is a small florist in Clifton that my mom has been working with for years and the owner, Kathy, is so nice. I had requested heather in my bouquet and she said that it was very hard to find in October but she would try. Well, 3 days before the wedding, she called and said she was able to get it! I was so happy! The girls bouquets were just gorgeous and my mom had a small nosegay that was also beautiful. I made my own centerpieces, but they supplied the rose petals to go around the hurricane lamps. When Kathy got to Perona to drop of the flowers, she noticed that the centerpieces weren’t put together, so she helped to put them together along with putting the votives in the holders, even though she did not supply them! Highly recommended!

Jeanine Mangan (A++++++++)
WOW is all I can say! Jeanine is an absolute doll and an artist! She did me, 3 of my bridesmaids and both moms and everyone looked amazingly beautiful. Jeanine does the makeup of the anchors on MSNBC and is very experienced in makeup. Mine stayed on all night and all that had to be reapplied was my lipstick. Even through all the crying, my eye makeup stayed put. My mom who never wears makeup was stunning and my MIL also looked great! Jeanine has an amazing personality and she makes you laugh every time you are around her. You just have to love her!!!

Lorri Izzo (A+++)
Lorri lives about 2 blocks from me in Vernon and she did my hair and 4 of the girls. Lorri is incredible! She brought an assistant with her to the hotel and both of them were awesome! My hair stayed put all night long as did my sister, and my bridesmaids Margarita, Rachel, and Gina. They all had their hair half up half down and they all looked awesome!

Nonchalance (A)
The girls got their dresses here and they did a great job. Service was great, and so were their alterations!

The Wedding Store, Andover (A+)
I got my dress here and it was the most AMAZING experience! I felt like such a princess when I was there. Everyone doted on me! They were just so fabulous to work with and so nice. I also bought my veil and jewelry from them! When I went to pick up my dress and veil, they gave me a beautiful Christmas ornament with our names and wedding date on it! I thought that was so nice!

Dick Weber (A+)
Dick was our officiant and he was wonderful! He helped us to write our ceremony and did a beautiful job! Scott “fudged” his vows a bit and Dick made a joke and everyone laughed. Everyone said what a beautiful ceremony it was and how wonderful he was!