Jan 23, 2010

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Here are the pictures my Baker took when she set it up.

I will post professional and more pictures as well, soon.


Roayalty Cakes

5236 D street, Chino CA 91710


Flickr Site: Cakeladyam's

final cake photo 1final cake photo 2final cake photo 3final cake photo 4

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I became such a stickler for wanting things how I invisioned them. I had an idea for my unity candles and couldn't find anything close.

Shopping List:

3 candles (2 short, 1 tall)

3 candlesticks (2 short, 1 tall)

1 Spool of ribbon w/ wire

Double-sided tape

Final Project:

diy unity candles photo 1


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I wanted to hand address my 300 invitations. After a month of practicing my hand-writing it didn't imporve, I also had lack of time. I decided I would need to label my invitations. I had already purchased the black envelopes and you can't print on black in any way that would be legible. I searched out a way to have a label still have it be just as elegant as the rest of my invitations.

So I got a cuttlebug. Cute frame die-cut. Full sheet labels.

diy invitation labels photo 1

1) I printed the labels, using a data merge feature. The layout was 4-labels per sheet. I also put real tiny hashmarks to use as guides, these marks would be cut off anyways.

2) I cut the labels into individual squares.

3) I made a guide mark on my die-cut.

diy invitation labels photo 2

4) I ran each label individually though my cuttlebug to make my labels.

5) Placed each label on the envelope and finished it with a Queen & King invitation labels photo 3diy invitation labels photo 4

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There are many amazing tutorials of how to do a DIY pocketfold, I have a very large guest list and had to make 300 pocketfolds, which I was looking for the easiest version but still obtain my desired look. I will describe to you how I did it. And below, I will add comments or notes from what I learned and what I would do different.

Inspiration for Pocketfold Envelope:

diy pocketfold photo 1

I wanted a 6"X6" pocketfold, which would require a 6.25"X6.25" envelope. I researched, and found out anything large than 6' in the USPS is considered "large" and would be charged more. So, I made a 5.75"X5.75" with a 6"X6" envelope.


I searched high and low to find out the best way I could get paper for less. I wanted red cardstock and was willing to do all the cutting myself to save a good amount of money. I ordered from Paper-Papers, full size sheets (28.3"X40.2") of the Stardream Mars for $4.09/sheet (prices have gone up a little since I ordered), I got 9 pocketfolds from 1 sheet meaning they are 45cents/piece.


Unlike other DIY pocketfold tutorials I have seen. I did not use one solid piece of paper. One for the book part and one for the folder/pocket part. I did this because it was a lot easier to make the big/major cuts as rectangle pieces, than I hand cut the rest. I have access to a big cutter which made this part very simple.

Cutting Layout For 1-Pocketfold

Below is the Pocket/Folder Piece:

diy pocketfold photo 2

Below is the Book or Long Piece:

diy pocketfold photo 3

Layout On Full Size Sheet:

9 pocketfolds per 1 Full Sheet.

diy pocketfold photo 4

Putting It All Together:

The large cutter I have that made this much easier to do 300 pieces, can only fit page sizes 18"wide. So I made 2 cuts by hand, with a drafting table, large metal ruler, fiance's help and a sharp box cutter. I made cuts at 14.5" and 29" on the long (40.2") side.

I then used the large cutter to make rectangle pieces of the pocket as well as the long piece. So I had 300 pieces of 14.5 X 5.75, and 300 pieces of 6.75 X 3.25. I was able to use the cutter to make the tip on the long/book piece. I also, was able to use the cutter to cut the top notches on the pocket part.

Being able to use a large cutter was SO SO helpful, ask around and see if you can use one. I was able to stick the entire stack of 300 piece and cut all at once.

Here comes the hard work. 1st I used a FIskars cutter ($19.99), with the Scoring blade ($4.99) to make the score 5.75" from the right-side of the long/book piece.

diy pocketfold photo 5

I then cut the pocket piece, I used a ruler and a exacto knife. I changed the blades often which made it much easier. I also cut these by hand because they are cuts that will never be seen they are there to make the flaps fold over and lay flat. THe one cut I did carefully with a template and ruler was the "V" in the pocket. After cutting all the pocket pieces I used a scoring bone as well as a ruler to make 1/2" flaps on the sides and bottom of each pocket piece.

I used double-sided tape on the entire back side of the pocket piece (I did't want that sucker coming loose). I than placed it on the bottom corner of the book/long piece.

diy pocketfold photo 6diy pocketfold photo 7

I folded the right side over and I made a mark just to the left of where the paper ended. (You don't want the folds to close to the edges, because of the paper's thickess it won't fold/lay properly. I then made the second score and fold the flap over to make a booklet.



- when making your template use the same paper thickness, a few folds of thick paper can add up. My invitations "just" barely fit into the envelopes because the folding made them much thicker. About 5.75 tall and 6.12 wide.

- If you want a square pocketfold, I would make the right-side a little bit more narrow so your center part would be perfectly square. I printed the main invite part and cut it before I even made the pocketfolds. The center-portion of my pocketfold had to be a bit more rectangle (by 1/4 inch) for the paper thickness and folds. So there was a little extra room on the side of the invitation portion.

diy pocketfold photo 8

- Allow yourself more time than you would think!!!!

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I got two of the same garters, one to keep (red) and one to throw (black).

Here is the picture from Fredrick's of Hollywood Catalog

style garter photo 1

Here is a picture that I took at home of the red one I purchased.

style garter photo 2

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I registered at Macy's for the Vera Wang Wedgwood "WIth Love" Giftware Collection

Here's the picture at home:

cake cutter flutes photo 1cake cutter flutes photo 2

But here they are professionally from the catalog:

cake cutter flutes photo 3cake cutter flutes photo 4