Aug 31, 2008

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Got my custom pink & black gater off ebay- and they match my shoes :)

Garter Shoes photo 1   Garter Shoes photo 2

                                                                          At fitting:::
Garter Shoes photo 3    Garter Shoes photo 4Garter Shoes photo 5

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This website is helpful for making inspiration boards or collages with your weddng pictures!


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***  UPDATED *** 02/09/2009

I am also available in the Long Beach/ Orange County Area if you don't want to deal with shipping :)

- TALL hurricane glasses (for buffet table, decor, etc) ($5 for single tall single glass and $10 for set of 3 tall- see pics below)

- (54) Martini Glasses ($50) 

Larger hurricane glasses I used for decor (Buffet table, lobby, etc.)

*** Available: the two boxes on the very right***

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Here is what we got our bridal party & parents, we gave out the gifts at our rehearsal dinner...

Parents: Digital frame and each something sentimental from our chapel gift shop, I also got his dad a Romeo & Juliet cigar

MOH/ BM: Robes to get ready in (PIB), black sequence flip flops from VS, all of their bridal stuff- earrings, bracelet, hair piece, and a gift certificate to get a mani/pedi for the wedding.   I also got my sisters (MOH's) a spa GC for all of their hard work.

GM: Custom cuff links and FI bought them all a book (Something with $$$/investing since their all getting into that)

FG: Her hairpiece and jewelry, SD ZOO tickets for her and family, candy for Powell's, ballet slippers, and mani/pedi GC

RB: Candy from Powell's & skateboard



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  • During prelude we played "our' songs for a 1/2 hour
  • Bridesmaids????  I forgot haha
  • I walked to Canon in D
  • Recessional was U2 "Its a Beautiful Day"


During dinner we played a mix of songs to go with our "Italian" theme and off a list I previously gave him


  • Bridal Party: Dean Martin- "Mambo Italiano"
  • Bride & Groom Entrance- Rob & Big Theme song

First Dance:

  • Frank Sinatra- "The way you look tonight"

Father/ Daughter Dance:

  • Heartland "I loved her first"

Mother/ Son: 

  • James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend"


  • The Archies "Sugar Sugar"

Bouquet Toss:

  • Nelly Furtado "Man-eater"


  • Van Helen- "Hot for teacher"

Last Dance: (We had 2 songs at the end)

  • Louis Prima - "Buona Sera (1958)" and  Michael Buble  "Save teh last Dance for me"
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Jason and I work for a race team and our boss was kind enough to give us the best "Something Blue" ever!!!  It was a huge surprise and hit for our guests, and a blast to have as our getaway car!  A little horse power couldn't hurt on the wedding day!  We drove it from the ceremony to the reception, and we kept it out front at both locations for eye candy :)

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