Aug 31, 2008

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Bambino was a honeymoon baby and a wonderful gift god has given us!  He is due August 4th 2009 and we can't wait for him to get here and be in our arms!  Stay tuned!

Here is our little guy!

Our New Addition photo 1 Our New Addition photo 2

Our New Addition photo 3 Our New Addition photo 4


Our New Addition photo 5 Our New Addition photo 6

Newborn Pictures:

Born August 3rd 2009 :)

Our New Addition photo 7  Our New Addition photo 8

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Here is a pic of our engagement party invitations!  We got the accordion fold cards from www.kodakgallery.com   We thought they were something a little different then expected. (Plus people know were picture freaks lol so it was very us) We like how it just represents "us" being together over the years enjoy ing life.  We put a pic from my ring when he proposed as the cover and also stuffed them in red evvelopes as always!


Engagement Party Invites photo 1


Engagement Party Invites photo 2

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Thought I'd post a few of our engagement pictures! They were taken by Erin Palos, of www.louispalos.com

Engagement Pictures photo 1   Engagement Pictures photo 2 

Engagement Pictures photo 3                  Engagement Pictures photo 4 

Engagement Pictures photo 5    Engagement Pictures photo 6



Non- Pro pics

Soon after we got engaged we asked my best friend & BM, Cora (who takes wonderful pictures for fun) to take a few engagment pictures for us!  We weren't sure if we'd ever get engagement pictures since we weren't sure about who our professional photographer would be at the time...   They turned out great and proves that DIY pics can be great too!  Here are a few!


Engagement Pictures photo 7 Engagement Pictures photo 8  Engagement Pictures photo 9

Engagement Pictures photo 10  Engagement Pictures photo 11 Engagement Pictures photo 12

Engagement Pictures photo 13  Engagement Pictures photo 14

Engagement Pictures photo 15 Engagement Pictures photo 16 Engagement Pictures photo 17

Engagement Pictures photo 18 


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We had www.idooriginals.com make our Unity Candle and it looked similiar to these!  We chose black & red of course!  Pics of ours to come....

Unity Candle photo 1

*** If you want to DIY it would be super easy!  All you need is a blank candle, print your monogram or wording on vellum paper, adhere that to the candle (looping all the way around) then complete by putting the ribbon of your choice on the top on bottom- and waaalaaa!!!!****

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E Ring Band photo 1 E Ring Band photo 2 E Ring Band photo 3 E Ring Band photo 4

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Wedding Rehearsal


Jamie & Jason


Practice makes perfect, it’s true what they say

Please come for a run-through before the big day!


Please meet at the Chapel, 6pm on the dot

Where Jamie and Jason will soon tie the knot!


After the practice, when it’s all said and done

Please join us for dinner, drinks, and some fun!


August 27th 2008 Wednesday


The Wayfarers Chapel

5755 Palos Verdes Drive South

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275


Asaka Japanese Restaurant

3128 Palos Verdes Drive

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275


Rehearsal Dinner Invite photo 1


I used my typical Stardream Mars (Red) paper from paper source as a mat, and used a double sided tape roller to stick the stardream opal invite ontop.  Then I sent them off in a matching Stardream Mars envelope!