Jul 07, 2007

( 4.0 / 5.0 )
My wedding cake was actually tiramisu homemade by my husband's aunt. But, it came in a couple sheet pans, and that doesn't make a very good picture. So, I went to ABC Cake Shop to have a small cake made just for the cameras (sigh). ABC Cake didn't actually make tiramisu, but after we explained what was in it, they were very accomodating. The baker suggested an alternative recipe (though still similar) which we were very happy with. Picking out a design for the frosting was a snap, since they had many beautiful examples in their shop. And before the actual cake was made, they made us a smaller version just for tasting. While they went above and beyond, in my mind, to satisfy our tiramisu fixation, I give them only a 4 star rating, because while the cake initially looked fabulous when we received it, by the time it came to cutting it for that ever important photo op, the cake had slumped over, as if one side just gave up. It still tasted good, but I would have been pretty ticked if that was my sole wedding cake. Maybe tiramisu shouldn't be converted into a cake recipe after all.
Services used: Wedding Cake

Michael's Arts & Crafts
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To save money, I made my own invitations. I hand drew a picture resembling a Chinese paper cut-out with various elements that were meaningful to me, scanned it, and added the appropriate text. Next, I went to Michaels and bought some gold vellum, which just happened to be on sale, and some heavier cardstock paper in red. Usually buying a lot of paper can get pricey, but luckily Michaels always has sales, and they regularly have a 40% off coupon in the Sunday newspaper. They also have a large selection of paper (colors, patterns, thickness, and size) so I felt I had lots of options. I went home, printed my design on the vellum, cut it to size, and affixed it to the red paper. Easy. They also have traditional pre-made wedding invitations for those not so creatively inclined. This is the perfect place for a person who likes to make things themselves. I also made my own favors. At Michaels, they sell these little metal tins with a clear plastic cover. They're made specifically for wedding favors. They were a little pricey, but I just used that 40% off coupon again. I did this weekly until I had the desired amount of tins (yes, I'm THAT thrifty). I also bought some red vellum to print and make my own labels (the tins come with their own sticky labels, but I wanted something a little nicer). I bought some tuille and ribbon to dress my tins up a little, but Michaels does sell other traditional wedding favors if you'd rather go that route. I think they may even sell bags of those candy coated almonds, but I filled my favors with tea bags that I hand-folded. Trust me, no one will ever forget that party favor.
Services used: Favors & Gifts, Invitations