Mar 20, 2010

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Part 2 photo 1 Walking down the aisle with my father.

Part 2 photo 2 This is where I told myself not to cry...

Part 2 photo 3 My Dad handing me off.

Part 2 photo 4 Forgot to load pic of us standing in front of pastor, but here he is blessing my rings.

Part 2 photo 5Curtis putting a RING ON IT ;)

Part 2 photo 6 Me putting a ring on him

Part 2 photo 7 Unity Candle

Part 2 photo 8 Lighting the Candle

Part 2 photo 9 Smiling during a dedication song to us

Part 2 photo 10 The kiss

Part 2 photo 11 The walkout

Part 2 photo 12 Husband and wife


I skip my ushers, Matron and Maid of Honor, cant do that so here they go:

Part 2 photo 13Part 2 photo 14 to be continued....

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I have so many to load, but here are a few...


A few pics of the wedding photo 1 Curtis and his best men walking down the aisle

A few pics of the wedding photo 2 My aunt filling in as my MOB and the usher.

A few pics of the wedding photo 3 Father and Mother of Groom

A few pics of the wedding photo 4 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen lined up.

A few pics of the wedding photo 5 My sons, you cant see the little one.  He hid behind his brother.

A few pics of the wedding photo 6 He liked flipping over the sign because he knew what it said. :)

A few pics of the wedding photo 7 My stepdaughter and flower girl

A few pics of the wedding photo 8 All the men

A few pics of the wedding photo 9 All the ladies

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My day started around 530 in the morning that day.  I woke up in a hotel room with my Matron of Honor, showered and quickly slipped out while she slept.  I headed to my hometown to meet up with my FMIL to go and have my hair done.  I gave the lady and idea of what I wanted, showed her pics and I feel it turned out lovely and better than I imagined especially since I didnt have a hair trial.  I was done around 1050 and had a nail appt for 1115 and was there until 130!!!!  They pampered me, but took way to long b/c I had a 30 min drive back to the hotel and I was suppose to be at the ballroom around 230! lol.  Plus I hadnt picked up my dress from the bridal shop from getting pressed. I swung by there got my dress and veil and flew to my room.  I only had to shower and pick up my Matron b/c I was going to get ready in the bridal suite at the location.  Well I get there and the venue is GORGEOUS!  The company truly out did themselves and I feel my centerpieces and extra touches just added to the whole thing!  Ok, onward...I get into the room and my FMIL and 2 of my BMs(SILS) and flower girls arrive at the same time.  Because our schedule was so hectic the night before I had to finish my bouquet in the dressing room.  It came out a little lopsided, but still very beautiful!  I tied ribbon around my girls flowers and had to get myself ready b/c my BMs some, not all were of NO help.  My FSIL did a lot, and my Matron but I had a few that were very lazy and wanted to worry about themselves.  Got upset at one point b/c 2 of them sat and waited till I was done with all the flowers so I could do their makeup!  I didnt have a stitch of anything on for myself, but I was the nice one, did their makeup and rushed to do my own.  I got dressed and waited for the ceremony to start.  We were a little slow, and started about 15 mins late, but hey it was all good.  I couldn't see anything!  The coordinators refused to let me peek through the door in fear of someone seeing me. lol so all I could do is listen.  At one point I heard,"AWWWWWWWWE" then laughter.  I was later informed my oldest son, got all the way to the beginning of the aisle, saw everyone and turned around and ran away. lol.  B/c he did that my youngest son wouldnt walk.  But one of the ushers walked him down and his little brother followed along with the ring pillow.  When they got halfway, my oldest son flipped over his "here comes the bride banner" to "Last Chance to Run Curtis" and that's where the laughter came in.  Then it was my cue to step out.  I got all the way to the entrance when I heard them play the wrong song.  I immediately ducked and got nervous and angry at the same time.  The Coordinators calmed me down and they played my song and my father and I walked down the aisle.  After that it was a blur.  I saw no one but Curtis standing on that stage.  I held my composure until I got to some pillars and the tears started to come.  I could barely breathe looking into his eyes b/c they were watering too.  After that everything flowed during the ceremony and then we started the reception.  We were a little behind on everything but I tried to not let it bother me.  My biggest complaint is that my photographer was not the best.  He had an assistand that really didnt know what he was doing and he himself was very flustered.  A lot of key photo opportunities were missed and we can never recreate them.  I got some very good ones dont get me wrong, but I just wish for more.  Now I have a full cd of photos that needs major editing and I dont even know where to start.  I will post them when I get home but for now I have one pic my cousin emailed me.... 

Sorry for the rushed recap, but I have pretty bad carpal tunnel and writing for long periods gets to me..

The Wedding photo 1

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I love my new purchase from PW's own Jess143.  I think it's classic and elegant!  It will go great with my dress!

Bridal Clutch photo 1

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I purchased paper die cut numbers from Paperdiecut on Etsy for my table numbers.  I will get them in Brown and plan on putting them in acrylic frames.  Here are a few pics.

Table Numbers photo 1close up

Table Numbers photo 2 Inspiration

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So far we have chosen the dress for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and FH!

This dress is second option after finding out the first dress was a big NO-NO!  It's a Bari Jay that will be in Mink(chocolate).

Bridal Party Attire photo 1


This tuxedo will be for My FH but his vest and tie will be a champagne color and the groomsmen will wear one very similar with the chocolate vests and ties.

Bridal Party Attire photo 2


 Here is the Mother of the Bride dress which is filled graciously by my aunt Christa.  I love her more than words can say and I thank her for being the "Mom" in my life all these years.

Bridal Party Attire photo 3We got this dress but in Brown and Gold.