May 23, 2010

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After Hours Entertainment


We could not be happier with our experience with After Hours.  They are professional, entertaining, and flexible.  Phil was so accommodating to all our requests.  The wedding was great and it had so much to do with our DJ Brett and our MC Carlton.  Carlton is a ball of energy and makes sure each guest feels special.  Brett knows how to keep the dance floor jumping and knows the right times to slow it down.  It really could not have been more perfect!

Chateau Briand


Bill, Peace and Biri were awesome.  They really went above and beyond to help execute the wedding.  The place is gorgeous, the food excellent and they were so very accommodating.   Issues were addressed promptly (not necessarily even issues of the catering hall!) by the staff.  My only gripe is that we were not allowed to take pictures by the fountains cause they were two other brides due to arrive.  Had I known that would have been an issue, I would have made sure to have taken them earlier.  It really bothered me.

The grounds really are amazing.  Makes for stunning pictures!

The food was delicious. A great value for the money but we had 2 issues. During cocktail hour, we were there for the last 45 minutes and not one tray was bought to us. No cocktail shrimp, no stuffed mushrooms...nothing. This was very upsetting. We told our maitre'd who sent us shrimp cocktail immediately but what about our guests?

We chose the brownie sundae as our dessert and to be frank it was pathetic. It looked like someone took little debbie brownies and ripped them apart into quarter size peices. It was embarrassing.

I would recommend but with caution. Make sure you see everything before choosing!

Robbin’s Nest Design Studio


I can't say enough about how Robbin's Nest took my wedding from ok to wow. The stationary was so impactful. I feel like I got a platinum wedding for a fraction of the cost. The invites were outstanding quality and the shipping was on time. Very professional company too! Customer service was great.

Esquire Tuxedos


They were very accommodating at esquire.  They fit all the guys perfectly…from my 11 year old nephew to a 350lb groomsman. Everyone’s tux was on time and they fit perfectly.  I would recommend them to anyone!

ChristyAnn Cosmetics


ChristyAnn and her girls were amazing.  They made me feel really comfortable and are true artists at what they do.  ChristyAnn was on time and made me look and feel beautiful.  I would recommend them to anyone!

Rev. Randall Bosch


Rev. Randall was a pleasure to have officiate our wedding.  He was on time and professional.  He allowed us to make our own ceremony from beginning to end.  It was perfect!

Dortoni Bakery


I use Dortoni Bakery in Levittown for EVERY event.  It's a must. We chose to lose money by not going with our catering halls included wedding cake and spend an additional $600 to get our dream wedding cake from Dortoni. 

Our cake was over an hour and half late.  We called and were told the driver was stuck in traffic.  No biggie but it was also ivory when we ordered white and the seashells on it were falling off. 

It was delicious of course and still looked beautiful from far away but if not up to the standard I though a Dortoni cake would be.  We would have soon enough gone with the cake the wedding hall included in their package than have spent the extra money on a cake that wasn't exactly what we wanted. 

Patken Photographer


I can not say enough great things about Nick our photographer. He was amazing! Made all of us feel comfortable, took great pics and was open to all suggestions (which is just what a control freak bride like me needs)!

We love our proofs. The only thing is that we didn't get a pic with me and all my bridesmaids. Luckily they are editing another one to have us all together. Both myself and the photographer didn't realize.

I am a bit bummed after the wedding though. I know it was in the contract, but waiting 6 months for your CD proofs is saddening. Especially when you have friends who got married at the same time getting their CDs within 2 months. So while they are all gushing over their CD images, you're depressed.

Also, be careful when you book. They give the minimum for a great price but try to sell you after you get your prints. Go from 24 pics in your album to 80 for $850...but only if you order in 24 hours. Of course, it's a "great value" since you will literally want at least 200 of your pics in the album.

oh...and read the fine print. If it's not listed on the contract, make sure they write it. I was told that I will get the rough footage of our video with our package. Low and behold, it's not listed and is going to cost us an extra $100-$150.

We just could not find another place that did their great style of photography. It really is beautiful.

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This is my entry for the 2010 DIY Wedding Challenge. 


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This is my entry for the Budget Savvy Bride contest.  Hope it help other brides too!


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"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies" - Aristotle

B G Indoors photo 1  B G Indoors photo 2

B G Indoors photo 3   B G Indoors photo 4

I saw Miss_em's chaise lounge shot and I had to get one too!  She's so inspriring!

B G Indoors photo 5  B G Indoors photo 6

                     B G Indoors photo 7       B G Indoors photo 8

                             B G Indoors photo 9  B G Indoors photo 10

B G Indoors photo 11   B G Indoors photo 12

Shots like this is why I chose the photog company we went with.  I just love it!

B G Indoors photo 13                B G Indoors photo 15  


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I'm Happy

We made sure to take moments and absorb what was happening.  Stop, take a deep breathe, and look around many times throughout the day!

We had a first look.  So much more time to enjoy the wedding.

I DIY'd the heck out of the wedding and didn't spend a dime on flowers.  Saved a lot of money and have wonderful keepsakes.

I had a reception dress. I got to dance dance dance!

I had pro hair and MU.  That would have stressed me out!

Spent big $ on photog and video.  The pics and video let us live the day over and over.

I paid all the vendors and tipped them right before the reception started.  We didn't get interupted at all!

We made sure to give the dj quite a few must plays.  It made the reception feel more like us.

We had the ceremony and reception at the same place.  The day flowed great and didn't have to spend $ on transportation.

We got to write the entire ceremony ourselves.  Made it real personal.

I looked at tons of photos to get a feel of what I wanted.

DH and I went to the beach after and took beach pics with my MOH.  Got great pics and it's a wonderful memory.

We had the wedding on sunday during the day.  Vibe was the same and we weren't dead on our feet after so the wedding night was great ;-)

I found PW. So many amazing ideas from here!

I Wish

I had someone carry the must take photo list in a pocket.  Missed a few key photos and didn't realize it.

I was more aggressive with taking pics by the fountain at the hall.  I brushed it off when they said we couldn't cause another bride was coming.

I made it a point to eat healthy the 6 months before the wedding.  Gained some weight and kinda just said OH WELL!

I toughed it out and wore my heels longer...although I probably would have been miserable!

I wore a slip!  I didn't have a crinny.  When we took pics of me standing solo against the window payne, you could see right through the bottom of the dress!  Oh my!  LOL

I wish I had the hall put the favors at each place setting.  So many people passed the favor table without seeing it!!!

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Details create the big picture-Weill

The Details photo 1  The Details photo 2

The Details photo 3   The Details photo 4

Loved our invites. http://www.collectionsbyrobbinsnest.com/

The Details photo 5   The Details photo 6

My Nina shoes.  Love them!

The Details photo 7  The Details photo 8

The Details photo 9   

The DIY bouquet in action!

The Details photo 10  The Details photo 11

All these details would not have existed if not for PW!

The Details photo 12  The Details photo 13The Details photo 14   The Details photo 15

The Details photo 16  The Details photo 17

The Details photo 18  The Details photo 19

DIY CPs...turned out perfect!

The Details photo 20  The Details photo 21

The Details photo 22  The Details photo 23

The Details photo 24  The Details photo 25

Etsy Cake topper....loved it!  From teensyweensybaby.

The Details photo 26  The Details photo 27

Yummy Cocktail Hour!!!

The Details photo 28  The Details photo 29

The Details photo 30  The Details photo 31

The Details photo 32  The Details photo 33