May 23, 2010

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It doesn't matter if the guy is perfect or the girl is perfect, as long as they are perfect for each other-Good Will Hunting

The Reception photo 1  The Reception photo 2

The Reception photo 3  The Reception photo 4

So the Best Man toast went on forever!  Tip:  Give them a time limit.  It was really nice though.

The Reception photo 5  The Reception photo 6

The Reception photo 7  The Reception photo 8

My girls...they were short and sweet and I love them for it!

The Reception photo 9  The Reception photo 10

The Reception photo 11  The Reception photo 12

The Reception photo 13  The Reception photo 14

My dad...oh my dad.  He took the lyrics and melody to "The Lady in Red" and sang the whole song like this...

Lisa in white

    Is dancing with Mike

    There's nobody here

     Just Lisa and Mike

       I hardly know

      This beauty dressed in white

      I'll never forget

        The way you look tonight...

     You can see my reaction...I was a mess!

Oh and the video captured it all! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVUg-nfeKnk

The Reception photo 15  The Reception photo 17  

The Reception photo 19  The Reception photo 20

I told everyone that I couldn't really say what  had planned cause dad made me do the ugly cry!  So I passed the mic to Mike!  Mic to Mike...LOL!


The Reception photo 23  The Reception photo 24

My niece sang Alicia Keys' "No One".  I couldn't resist jumping in on the "uh uh oh oh ohs!"

The Reception photo 25  The Reception photo 26

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.- Japanese proverb

The Reception photo 27  The Reception photo 29  

So I was worried about the dance floor not jumping the whole time.  And it wasn't...as it shouldn't.  I shouldn't have stressed over that.  It was jumpin at the right times!

The Reception photo 31  The Reception photo 32

The Reception photo 33  The Reception photo 34

The Reception photo 35    The Reception photo 38

The Reception photo 39  The Reception photo 40

FIL and GIL tearing up the dance floor on wheels!

The Reception photo 41  The Reception photo 42

The Reception photo 43  The Reception photo 44

There is a funny story behind that last pic.  That's my adorable nephew with the camera.  The gorgeous girls are Mike's cousin.  So Mike's cousins start dancing with my nephew and he gets so scared and bolts off.  Poor guy.  He'll regret that move in the future!

The most dangerous food is wedding cake-James Thurber

The Reception photo 45  The Reception photo 46


The Reception photo 49  The Reception photo 50

It was so unfair.  I smashed him and then he was all sweet to me!  He's not off the hook though.  If you look below, he smudged his face on mine when we kissed!  Yep...we both got it!

  The Reception photo 53

Chocoalte Fountain and Italian ice cart were a HUGE hit!

The Reception photo 55  The Reception photo 56

Last photo and song of the night....

Don't you know how sweet and wonderful life can be? -Marvin Gaye "Lets Get it On"

The Reception photo 57

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First...we came up from the dance floor into the reception!

Got the video!!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nReXV3WxWfU

The Dances photo 1  The Dances photo 2

The Dances photo 3  

It really was the coolest thing!  All of a sudden, we appeared!

The Dances photo 5  The Dances photo 6


Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love- Jason Mraz "I'm Yours"

The Dances photo 9  The Dances photo 10

Our dance was pseudo choreographed.  We knew where we were gonna dip, twirl, lift, and get a little dirty dancing in!  It was natural and fun!

The Dances photo 11  The Dances photo 12

"Nobody puts baby in the corner"....."I didn't do the lift, but it went alright" -Dirty Dancing

The Dances photo 13  The Dances photo 14


She's looking like her mama a little more everyday-Bob Carlisle "Butterfly Kisses"

The Dances photo 15  The Dances photo 16

I really got to thank our dj for not paying the whole song.  Too much emotion!

The Dances photo 17  The Dances photo 18

As I watched you grow from that little boy- Mikki Verieck "A song for my Son"

The Dances photo 19  The Dances photo 20

The Dances photo 21  The Dances photo 22

In that last pic, I was like "awww.  They look so sweet!"  Watching my hubby dance with his momma :-)


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I dropped a tear in the ocean.  When they find it, only then will I stop loving you.

The Ceremony photo 1  The Ceremony photo 3   

The Ceremony photo 5  The Ceremony photo 6

We love our puppies so much that we had to include them!

The Ceremony photo 7  The Ceremony photo 8

For not having a rehearsal, everyone did darn good!

The Ceremony photo 9  The Ceremony photo 10

The Ceremony photo 11            The Ceremony photo 14

Dad was so emotional.  I was so excited but then he made me emotional!!!

The Ceremony photo 15  The Ceremony photo 16

While walking down the aisle, I could not stop smiling.  I was sooo giddy!  I kept thinking, "this is it.  Remeber to take it all in"...and I did.

The Ceremony photo 17     The Ceremony photo 21  

The Ceremony photo 23  The Ceremony photo 24

The Ceremony photo 25  The Ceremony photo 26

The Ceremony photo 27  The Ceremony photo 28

That's out girls!  They behaved for the most part!

The Ceremony photo 29  The Ceremony photo 30

The Ceremony photo 31  The Ceremony photo 32

"With this ring, I marry you/ and I gladly share my life with you."

The Ceremony photo 33  The Ceremony photo 34

The Ceremony photo 35  The Ceremony photo 36

"All that was once separate is now shared and in this sharing you both will find great comfort."

The Ceremony photo 37  The Ceremony photo 38

'Twas not my lips you kissed, but my soul-Judy Garland

The Ceremony photo 39  The Ceremony photo 40

We practiced the kiss but that was just shot in the moment...we were messy and uncoordinated which was perfect for us!

                  It's my pleasure to intorduce to you for the very first time...Lisa and Michael Kaiser!!"  

  The Ceremony photo 44  The Ceremony photo 46

Here I was like "oh yea...we did it!"  If I had to guess, Mike was probably like..."phew... glad that part is done!"

The Ceremony photo 47  The Ceremony photo 48

The Ceremony photo 49  The Ceremony photo 50

The Ceremony photo 51


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You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person you cannot live without-Unknown

The Groom photo 1  The Groom photo 3                                                The Groom photo 4

He cleans up nice!

  The Groom photo 6  The Groom photo 8

Makes my heart go pitter patter...

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Yep...it's me...playing model!  Hey, what other day are you able to really "strike a pose" all dolled up!


The Bride photo 3  The Bride photo 4

The Bride photo 5       The Bride photo 7             

These are all outside the hotel room.  That wall was pretty cool!

The Bride photo 16  The Bride photo 17

The Bride photo 18   The Bride photo 19


The Bride photo 20  The Bride photo 21

The Bride photo 22    The Bride photo 25  The Bride photo 26

Wardrobe change!!!


  The Bride photo 28  The Bride photo 30

I insisted on a twirl shot.  It's just so much fun!


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This is true love - you think this happens every day?-The Princess Bride

B G Outdoors photo 1B G Outdoors photo 2B G Outdoors photo 3

B G Outdoors photo 4   B G Outdoors photo 5   B G Outdoors photo 6

B G Outdoors photo 7  B G Outdoors photo 8

This is about the time Mike told me that I have swamp a**!  Oh that man of mine...so not funny!

B G Outdoors photo 9  B G Outdoors photo 10

B G Outdoors photo 11   B G Outdoors photo 12

B G Outdoors photo 13   B G Outdoors photo 14

B G Outdoors photo 15  B G Outdoors photo 16

B G Outdoors photo 17  B G Outdoors photo 18

B G Outdoors photo 19  B G Outdoors photo 20

B G Outdoors photo 21  B G Outdoors photo 22

B G Outdoors photo 23  B G Outdoors photo 24

Honestly, I could have taken pics all day!

B G Outdoors photo 25  B G Outdoors photo 26

B G Outdoors photo 27  B G Outdoors photo 28

B G Outdoors photo 29  B G Outdoors photo 30

B G Outdoors photo 31  B G Outdoors photo 32