May 23, 2010

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A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.

Bridal Party photo 1  Bridal Party photo 2

Bridal Party photo 3  Bridal Party photo 4

Seeing the vision come to life here was one of my fav parts of seeing our proofs.  The colors, the style, the whole look.  I couldn't be happier!

Bridal Party photo 5  Bridal Party photo 6

Bridal Party photo 7  Bridal Party photo 8

Bridal Party photo 9  Bridal Party photo 10


Bridal Party photo 11  Bridal Party photo 12

The thing about having a large BP is that it does take a bit longer to get everyone positioned.  That's where a great photog comes in.  Yay!

Bridal Party photo 13  Bridal Party photo 14

Bridal Party photo 15  Bridal Party photo 16

Bridal Party photo 17  Bridal Party photo 18

Bridal Party photo 19       Bridal Party photo 20

Bridal Party photo 21  Bridal Party photo 22

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                       The shortest distance between two people is a smile.  ~Author Unknown

             First Look photo 1  First Look photo 2

I couldn't wait to see him.  I was like "he better think I'm goooorgeous"!

First Look photo 3  First Look photo 5   

First Look photo 7  First Look photo 8

The priceless look on his face.  He was sooo checking me out. :-)  In all honesty, I was so checking him out too ;-)

First Look photo 9  First Look photo 10

 First Look photo 11 First Look photo 12   

Him: You know what I think babe?  I think we should get married today. Me: Ya think?

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If you use any photos, please be sure to credit Patken Photographer

They did such an amazing job.  Shout out to Nick at Patken,  for being awesome on our wedding day!                  


           A picture may say a thousand words, but it can also convey a million emotions...

Getting Ready photo 1  Getting Ready photo 2

Getting Ready photo 3  Getting Ready photo 4

Getting Ready photo 5  Getting Ready photo 6


What I was feeling...

You may have thought I was ubber nervous but nope.  I was excited, and calm, and just simply happy.

Getting Ready photo 7  Getting Ready photo 8

Getting Ready photo 9  Getting Ready photo 10

Getting Ready photo 11  Getting Ready photo 12

You can't really see it but my SIL has the curling iron wire wrapped around my niece's neck!  We were all supposed to be fighting for the mirror!

                                                           The Wardrobe...waiting for us to be beautified!

Getting Ready photo 13  Getting Ready photo 14

So I realized after the fact that there wasn't really a way I could hang the dresses by window.  So we used the picture which I'm liking!

Getting Ready photo 15  Getting Ready photo 16

ah...the artistic shoe shot...this was a must!

Getting Ready photo 17  Getting Ready photo 18

Getting Ready photo 19  Getting Ready photo 20

Getting Ready photo 21  Getting Ready photo 22

I knew from stalking others pics that I had to get some robe shots of all the girls!

       Getting Ready photo 23   Getting Ready photo 24


                                                                   My two MOS helping me get ready!  So blessed...

Getting Ready photo 25  Getting Ready photo 26

These are someof my favs.  That's my MOH Robbin sho made my dress, all fabric flowers, necklace, and did all the stationary.  Seriously...how talented is she! http://www.etsy.com/people/robbinsnestdesigns

Getting Ready photo 27  Getting Ready photo 28

Getting Ready photo 29  Getting Ready photo 30

Getting Ready photo 31  Getting Ready photo 32

Getting Ready photo 33  Getting Ready photo 34

How excited am I?!

Getting Ready photo 35  Getting Ready photo 36

My brother and nephew...getting all handsome and things!

Getting Ready photo 37  Getting Ready photo 38 

My nephew and my brother who threatened all morning to wear the Kermit the Frog hat at the ceremony.  So not funny!

Getting Ready photo 39


The Groom...getting all suave!

Getting Ready photo 40  Getting Ready photo 41

Getting Ready photo 42  Getting Ready photo 43



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It was def the most amazing weekend of my life so far.  It all started on Saturday.  After finalizing all the wedding details, DH (Mike) and I treated our bridal party and family to lunch, gave them their gifts, and I surprised Mike with a Pink Floyd cake.  He loves his Pink Floyd T-shit and baseball cap. It was a great time to get everyone to spend some time together and break the ice. 

The BIG DAY RECAP photo 1The BIG DAY RECAP photo 2

Then I took all the girls to get ½ hour foot massages only to find out that the lady had made the appointment for the Sunday before and was too busy to take us right away.  After lots of “necktitude,” I got my money back for all the gift certificates and we had a memorable experience and some laughs.  I still would have liked a foot massage though!  Reminder to self: got to schedule a foot massage soon.

After all the fun, we set the times to meet for getting ready and went our separate ways except for my MOHs.  We met up at the honeymoon suite to have a sleepover.  The goal was to get to sleep by 10pm.  After girl talk, we turned out the lights.  Of course, right before I decided to jump up and down on the bed and scream “I’m getting married” 3 times!  In between the third time, I hit my head on the ceiling.  So it went a little something like this (jumping up and down) “I’m getting married tomorrow. I’m getting married tomorrow. I getting ma THUMP!”  It was hilarious!  Lights went out and around 10:15.  Then at 11 I whispered “is anyone awake because I can’t sleep.”  Low and behold, they were both awake.  We chatted more and eventually fell asleep around midnight.

We had a day wedding so the alarm went off at 4:45 am…good lord!  We went over to my brother’s 2 bedroom suite at the hotel across the street and started the getting ready process.  While the music played from a laptop, we got our hair and makeup done while chatting away.  Photographer came around 7am and started taking pics.  We made sure everything was running close to schedule and headed off to the hall by 8:45.

From then on, pure happiness and love filled the day.  We made sure “take it in” many times as the events were going on.  One of the best things I did was take care of all the vendors before the ceremony started.  I handed out tips and paid off balances.  We didn’t get interrupted at all during the reception!  Yes there were hiccups.  Cake was late, we couldn’t take pics by the fountains cause another bride was coming, and my hair didn’t last through the day (although, what can I expect when I was sweating on the dance floor half the wedding).  I was glad to find that these things really did not matter.  We were so very happy that I don’t think anything could have gotten to us. 

I thought I would be super sad as soon as the reception ended but I wasn’t at all.  I was very happy and content with our day.  After everyone left the hall, DH and I grabbed my MOH and we went to take pics at the beach.  Got to have a beach for our beach theme!  We were contemplating not doing it cause we were pretty wiped at this point but something told me that we would regret it if we didn’t.  The pics came out great so it was the best to tough it out!

DH and I went back to our honeymoon suite.  Spent some time in the Jacuzzi and reflected on the wedding.  I won’t go into further detail but it was the best ending to an amazing weekend.  There were pics up on FB when we got home from the hotel.  We love them!  Yes, I wish I made my bouquet bigger, wish I lost a bit of weight beforehand, and I wish I wore my heels longer cause they looked slammin with the reception dress…but I am not letting it get to me.  In the end, it really does only matter that you had a day that was surrounded by support, love, and endearing memories.  Now it is me and DH together in each other’s lives.  Side by side through whatever is thrown at us.  It’s such a wonderful feeling.


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I wanted to share...

I have been so blessed to have my date twin be Lishya (AKA slhashimoto) and it has been such a great experience.  We are forever connected by our wedding days!  We planned together (even though we are in different coasts of the US), supported each other, sent well wishes, and shared the moment of marrying the men of our dreams on the same day!

The day I was getting ready, she was getting ready.

The day I was wearing a wedding gown. she was wearing a wedding gown.

The day I said my vows, she said her vows.

The day my new husband and I danced, she danced with her new husband!

And the night DH and I went back to our hotel room...well lets not go there!  LOL

There was a feeling of comfort when I thought about the beautiful Lishya for a moment on my wedding day.  Wondering of she was feeling as nervous/excited/wonderful as I was.  There was a calmness in knowing that we were experienceing the same thing together.

So thanks to PW, there is a little story of a girl from New York who connected with a girl from Cali.  A friendship that will celebrate their anniversaries together even though so far away.

I urge you to find a PW date twin and bond with them.  It is a comforting friendship that will have you two forever in eachother's grace.

Lots of Love PW!

My PW DATE TWIN Story photo 1My PW DATE TWIN Story photo 2