Jun 05, 2010

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Phill and I have been together for a loooooooong time (11 years this April). We have been through so much together, all the while growing, changing & learning. It has been a great ride, so far!

He proposed to me on a vacation to California last April. It was just the two of us, and it was a great getaway. Mid-way through our vacation, we spent the day at the beach. Just before sunset, we sat on the beach, watching the pelicans dive for fish and dolphins swimming up the coast (I later joked around about how much did he have to pay to have the dolphins there for the proposal!--ha ha!). It was then that he took the ringbox out of his pocket and proposed to me. It was wild! I couldn't stop looking at the ring--gorgeous! He picked it out by himself, and I couldn't be happier with it. I love it. But I love him even more, of course. :o)

We had a huge engagement party in his dad's backyard last June (2009). We set up big, huge white tents in the backyard (as it had been pouring rain all month), but it actually stopped raining just for the party. We even saw a rainbow! (How prodigious!) His and my dad barbequed and we had wine, beer, food galore, and most importantly--close friends and family. It was great!

Ever since then we have been planning away. Phill has been really involved with the planning. I like that he has an opinion and wants to be involved. That is kind of how our relationship is--we really do work well together.