Mar 06, 2010

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As soon as we chose our wedding colors, I knew I wanted a black and white cake. I have seen so many beautiful ones lately and it was definitely hard to choose one that we liked the best. These are some of the ones I had my eye on.

THE CAKE photo 1   THE CAKE photo 2   

       THE CAKE photo 3           THE CAKE photo 4

The one we chose is a square 3-tier cake with a black satin ribbon at the base of each layer and a brooch attached to each layer. Its similar to the one below. It will have fuschia/dark pink flowers (matching my bouquet) on some of the layers - not on the top.

THE CAKE photo 5

I ordered a crystal monogram cake topper from Ling's moment on Ebay. And we bought a very simple cake server set from Target for $10.00!!! We just wanted something simple since there was so much blingyness going on with our cake. lol

THE CAKE photo 6 THE CAKE photo 7


And I will be doing the ever-so-popular beautiful glass cake stand that Kristeen and many other girls have done instead of the traditional silver stand.

THE CAKE photo 8 THE CAKE photo 9 THE CAKE photo 10


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These are our wedding bands. Mine is white gold and FI's is Tungsten.

RINGS photo 1        RINGS photo 2

Update:  We received FI's tungsten ring and it was WAY darker than we expected. (Not the color it is in the above picture at all.) He chose a new Titanium ring instead.

RINGS photo 3

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My bouquet will be a mixture of the below pictures. It will have the same flowers as the red one - roses, mini callas, and peony tulips. It will be in the colors of the fuchsia/dark pink bouquet and it will have a brooch attached to the stem.



My fiance', my dad, and my grandad will wear boutenierres that look like this:



The flowers for our centerpieces will be clear square vases wrapped with black ribbon. The will have white hydrangeas and hypericomb berries. We'll also have two small vases holding a single green spider mum on each table and LOTS and LOTS of candles! 

FLOWERS DECOR photo 5      FLOWERS DECOR photo 6


I've ordered a couple of these beautiful satin damask table runners from SerendipityEvents on Etsy. I'll be using these on the guest book table and either the cake table or our sweetheart table. The other tables will have white table cloths with solid black satin runners.


I purchased a custom-sized table square from floratouch on Etsy to put on the cake table.

Black and White Flocked Damask Taffeta Table Overlay


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I love the idea of using a monogram on different aspects of the wedding. I'm not sure what I'll be using mine on yet but thought I would go ahead and design one. I decided on a simpler design because we may be adding a little bit of damask to our favors/decor.

MONOGRAM photo 1

I've made a new monogram that I may decide to use instead of this first one. Or maybe I'll use both!

MONOGRAM photo 2

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Our colors will be mainly black and white with tiny accents of fuchsia and apple green.

MY COLORS photo 1   MY COLORS photo 2   MY COLORS photo 3   MY COLORS photo 4


EDIT:  At the VERY last minute, our dinner reception was moved to a different (although, nicer) room that had LOTS of red accents. lol Thank goodness I had only used a tiny bit of pink. :)

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My fiance' and I immediately decided that we wanted to have a destination wedding. With all of his family and friends living in England, we knew that most or all of them would not be able to make it to the wedding and neither of us really wanted a big wedding anyways.  Being one of the last one of my friends to get married, I wanted something completely different than everyone else had for their wedding. We would have loved to get married somewhere tropical and far away but we didn't want to put a financial strain on any of our guests so we decided to chose somewhere closer.  After spending months looking through pictures of different places we decided on Savannah, Georgia. We both loved to Southern Charm of the city and how picturesque everything is there. We're planning this blindly as neither of us have been before but everything is falling into place and I'm so excited we decided to do it there!

THE VENUE photo 1THE VENUE photo 2

We are having a private dinner at Il Pasticcio Restaurant & Wine Bar after the ceremony.

THE VENUE photo 3

THE VENUE photo 4 THE VENUE photo 5

This is the private banquet room where our reception will be held. It needs some personality but I think we can make it look pretty. :)

THE VENUE photo 6

THE VENUE photo 7

 Our Yummy Menu:


March 6, 2010



Butter Lettuce Salad with Radish, Walnuts, Blue Cheese, and a Champagne Vinaigrette



Entrée Selections

Prosciutto Wrapped Scottish Salmon


Niman Ranch Marinated Pork Tenderloin


Grilled Gorgonzola Encrusted Beef Filet



Risotto Milanese

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Asparagus with Mascarpone




Wedding Cake:

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Lemon Buttercream