Jun 14, 2009

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I'm so in love with it!!

My Something Blue photo 1

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These were a true labor of blood, love, and tears (literally). The pictures don't do them justice (crappy camera phone doesnt help either ;) but we are very happy with the results.


My DIY Invites photo 1

My DIY Invites photo 2

My DIY Invites photo 3

My DIY Invites photo 4

My DIY Invites photo 5

Our embossed return address. We decided to affix our return address on clear labels just in case the post office felt like not honoring an embossed return address. :(

My DIY Invites photo 6

Here are a couple of tips for anyone considering DIYing invites. I wish I would have had one before I started!:

1) If you want to order all of your supplies off of www.cardsandpockets.com, thats fine, just know if you order the pre-cut cardstock inserts, it's very possible it won't work on your home printer. We have a brandnew HP photoprinter, and these cardstock inserts seemed to perfectly fit, but alas, the cardstock was too thick and my printer spazzed out and nothing (and I mean NOTHING) made it work with these guys.

2) ORDER SAMPLES FIRST! I took the risk of ordering the cardstock without ordering a sample and boy did the colors look different in person! Nothing really like the website.  For example, my pocketfold i thought would be ivory but it's more white than ivory. Also the insert I ordered "soft coral" but they are more like baby pink. So make sure to order a sample first! Especially since if you want to return them they charge a hefty percentage for "restocking" or something like that.

3) Know that Kinko's only prints on 8.5 x 11 paper . I tried taking my pre-cut cardstsock inserts after failing to print at home only to be told that they cant print because they are too small. However if you're using their precut inserts just as a backing but will print on another lighter cardstock, you're good.

4) If you buy clear labels, make sure you don't use it with an inkjet. You'll soon realize they'll smear and after you've affixed ALL labels, you'll find yourself having to reprint again (as i did).

5) Know that if you do pocketfolds, there is no such thing as "inner envelope" with these. So don't stress and go with it.

6) GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME. I feel bad because we rushed through them and that resulted in a lot of careless mistakes (certain smudges in certain areas), that we just had to "let go".

7) Ask for help! Commission friends, family or future in laws like I did. It'll make the process faster.

When I think of more, I'll update this.

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I'm so excited and happy to report that my hair and make up will be done by the fabulous and talented Micheline Love! Yay! She'll make me look so pretty! I'm so excited!



Make up:

Hair Make Up Micheline Love photo 1 Hair Make Up Micheline Love photo 2


Hair Make Up Micheline Love photo 3 or

Hair Make Up Micheline Love photo 4

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White Aisle: http://www.whiteaisle.com/eve_earrings.htm

Which earrings photo 1


Haute Bride: EC701

Which earrings photo 2

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I will be wearing these:

Getting Ready Outfit photo 1

And this short sleeved rouched hoodie from Old Navy.com (online only):

Getting Ready Outfit photo 2

And my friend will embroider "Mrs. Mlastname" on the back in baby blue. Yay!

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Bouquet Charms photo 1