Jun 14, 2009

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We're having our ceremony and reception at the Eagle's Nest Clubhouse of the Naval Golf Course of Seal Beach. I love it and they are very accomodating to any request. Its like a little hidden gem and not a wedding factory at all! In fact they only have one wedding per day. Yesssss! Its also the course where Tiger Woods grew up on!!

Venue photo 1

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We've booked a Colonial Suite for one week (with private terrace and indoor AND outdoor jacuzzi's!) at:

Majestic Colonial

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

YAYYYYYYYYY!!! So so so soooooo excited!

Honeymoon photo 1

Honeymoon photo 2

Honeymoon photo 3

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I got this vision of having jumbo (not too jumbo..3 inches) swirl lollies as our escort cards. I want them elegant but fun to kick off the reception. Here is a rough rough draft of my lolli. I might do a grey satin ribbon instead of this gold ribbon. The picture is poor quality because its off my camera phone!  I was surprised at the nice quality of of the lolly's even though I got them from Oriental Trading!

Escort Cards photo 1

I want to set them up nicely like this and maybe surround them with nice stones... Still playing around with it..

Escort Cards photo 2

I will print out our monograms really small and stick to the center of the lolly as well. Not 100% yet.

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Thanks so much to fellow PW'er KristinKay for making these ADROABLE bracelets for my flowergirls, or as she so cutely calls them, my "mini's".

 Flower Girl Bracelets photo 1

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Our little countdown ticker! Got it on amazon for $20 (including shipping) and I love it! It comes with interchangable faces so after the wedding I can use it to countdown anniversarries, babies, vacation, etc. Yay!!

My Favorite Wedding Purchase so far photo 1

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We like collecting matches and saw some PW brides did this so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I love them! And pretty easy to make! Also FI's parents handed out match favors at THEIR reception 35 years ago so it makes these cuter!

We'll just have them laying around the reception. Considering maybe some little candles around to so they can take home w/ the matches? Not sure.. No one smokes in my family.

DIY Matchboxes photo 1DIY Matchboxes photo 2