Jun 14, 2009

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Haute Bride. It's so beautiful, I'm in love! It cost a pretty penny but it shall be passed down to my future daughters to wear on their wedding day!

My Bracelet photo 1 My Bracelet photo 2

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Garter: Beyonce - "Single Ladies"


Possible First Dance or Intro Song - Frank Sinatra "L.O.V.E."



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Dress Update SOLD photo 1

This is my dream dress. It's currently hanging in my closet and my heart breaks on a daily basis as I come to the sad realization I wont be able to fit into it! From the beginning, it seems like this dress wasn't meant to be for me. My fiance saw it without realizing that he wasn't supposed to see it!! :( Monique Lhuillier "Noel" with that same sash. I'm considering selling it for $3,500 which is close to what I paid for it (obo). Its never been worn or altered and doesnt even need to be cleaned. Its in pristine condition and I have the reciept for it to show its authenticity. It retails for at least $6,000. I got it from the ML sample sale which we camped out for and were the first to get in. PM me if you have any questions.

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Flowers and Centerpieces photo 1

My parents decided to plant about 5 hydrengea plants which the nursery promised would yeild hundreds of hydrengeas for my big day. I'm super excited and I hope it works out!! I plan on making about three different centerpieces using them. One will be in a glass vase. The other in a big silver urn type vase and the third type will be in lots of mint julep type vases. I may also make my bridesmaid bouquets out of them. For my bouquet, I plan on buying peonies from the LA flowermart and DIYing my bouquet :)

Flowers and Centerpieces photo 2Flowers and Centerpieces photo 3Flowers and Centerpieces photo 4Flowers and Centerpieces photo 5

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Thanks to fellow PW bride Eugugoly82, I am the proud new owner of her cardbox! She did a lovely job!!Cardbox photo 1

Photo Credit: Eugugoly82

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So I'd love to have these letters on our cake table but need some inspiration. Currently I thought of this only because these are materials i had on hand. But i think it looks cheapy! So help me come up with something glam and fab!

Cake Table Letters Need Inspiration photo 1Cake Table Letters Need Inspiration photo 2