Jun 20, 2009

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The day of didn't go as planned (of course), but there were some good things about it and some really bad things about it....when we arrived in Tahoe, I started coming down with a cold (sore throat and lots of coughing)....but FI & I didn't get to sleep until after 2 am the night before....a lot of our friends were getting in late that night and we had to prep some of them on the events that were to happen...but even though we didn't sleep a lot, I was up by like 6 am......we lounged around until 7 and FI started getting ready in our room since it was sooo early.  My girls didn't need to meet with me until after 8 am, so I just got as ready as I could without them there.  My MUA/friend did my make up first and then was able to touch up my BMs =)  Afterwards, we had to get the salon to get our hair done....I had the most flamboyent Texan I've ever met and he did the most FABULOUS job on my hair (loved it!).....and he only took about an hour!?!  We finished up there and we drove back to my hotel room to grab the flowers and last minute items and headed to the venue (which was like 5 minutes from our hotel). 

When we got there, I decided to get into my dress (because I wasn't sure how long it would take to get into it since it's a corset back)....then my BMs changed, my MUA touched me up some more and then the waiting began...we were sooo ahead of schedule....and I had such butterflies in my stomach....FINALLY, they said we were beginning....when I walked around the corner, FI said it looked like I was RUNNING down the aisle (lol, that's what I get for not having someone else walk with me!)...I realized I was walking really fast when I reached the start of the runner....

The ceremony was perfect and the weather was gorgeous....I couldn't have asked for a better day =)  Our reception was too much fun (too much alcohol, not enough food lol) and by the end of the reception, DH (!!) was throwing up and had to be dragged back to the hotel room by his new wife =P  When we were walking through the lobby, security was called and they were watching us as we walked across the lobby into the elevator.  LUCKILY, we made it back into our room and he proceeded to throw up for an hour and passed out until 5:30 the NEXT MORNING!  *sigh* we had a LOOOOOOONG talk the next morning and now we are man and wife =)  Here are some of the pics =)


LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 1LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 2LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 3

MY SHOES (plus bling - thx Mrs. AnnaB83)!!

LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 4LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 5


LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 6LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 7


LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 8


LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 9LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 10


LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 11


LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 12


LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 13LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 14


LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 15


LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 16


LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 17

DH AT THE END (booo):

LAKE TAHOE RECap D photo 18

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I had another trial done with the Hair and MUA  for my September wedding and all I can say is that I'm most pleased with how everything turned out! =) BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave any input =)


Make Up

FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 1FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 2FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 3


FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 4FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 5

FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 6


FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 7


Hair - we realized that I had too much hair to make the bun I wanted work.  I also figured out that I am a really traditional bride =D  Also, we decided that my hair was a little too plain, so I'll be adding in the hair accessory shown above from the Etsy designer HeartNSole, who coincidentally has a store in Campbell, CA =)

FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 8FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 9FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 10

Make Up

FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 11FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 12FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 13FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 14FAMILY Wedding Hair and Make Up photo 15

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This has been the bane of the last few weeks of wedding planning...I wanted to have a friend do the make up for me, but unseen circumstances won't allow her to attend (I'm not mad, just stressed to find a replacement)...I finally was convinced by my DOC to let her do my make up...here is a trial from her...the cheeks are a bit dark for me, but I love what she did with my eyes...I also think the lighting in the pics are not great either...but FI said I looked like a doll =)

LAKE TAHOE Make Up photo 1LAKE TAHOE Make Up photo 2


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I was suppose to have a friend be at the wedding and do my hair and makeup, but she can't make it any longer, so I have opted to not stress about it and go to a salon to get my hair done (Sessions Salon)....Here are my inspirations

For the Ceremony:

I'm going traditional for this one with a low chignon and side swept bangs....clean and simple...here are some inspiration pics:


LAKE TAHOE Hair Inspiration photo 1

FRONT (without the tiara, but with the hair vine as a band?  not sure yet):

LAKE TAHOE Hair Inspiration photo 2 LAKE TAHOE Hair Inspiration photo 3

For the Reception:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grey's and I LOVED her hair!!!  I'm thinking about doing this for the 2nd dressLAKE TAHOE Hair Inspiration photo 4 LAKE TAHOE Hair Inspiration photo 5

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Venue - booked Edgewood
Cake - Flourgirls Wedding Cakes
Music - FI will bring iPod and docking stereo
Photographer - Coworker
Hotel Accomodations - Horizon Casino
Dress - Kay's Bridal: MS
Flowers - bridesign.com
Rehearsal Dinner - booked Blue Water Bistro

BM Pomanders
Favor/Escort Mints

Cupcake Stands
Table #s (Names of the UCSC colleges?)
Sign - In Guest Book
Getting Ready Clothes
BM Gifts
Table Program/Alki Menu/Thank yous

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I found them! =)  It took me awhile, but I FOUND THEM!  My beautiful shoes....which I think are similar to the CL bow shoe......and in a beautiful burnt orange...here are a few pictures (please excuse my background!) =D

SHOES photo 1 SHOES photo 2