Jun 04, 2010

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wow! I must say I kinda feel dumb being on here. My name is Athena and I am the mother of the groom! I am sooo excited for my son Anthony. His Fi Dayna is a blessing to me. I could never have picked out a better wife for him. They have been together for over 7yrs. They met at National Coney Island in Michigan.  She was a waitress and he was a hungry guest! And it was LOVE at first sight!

Dayna has been including me in everything for the upcoming Wedding. From the shower to every other little details. I feel like I am so blessed to be helping her with all this. And Dayna's mom??? Well my new best friend! I don't think it can get any better than that!  They both are very hard workers and they just mold so well together. They both have been looking for a home and hope to be in one prior to the big day!

I am so looking forward to posting all sorts of stuff and hope to get great feedback! I am a chocolatier and I love to make chocolate! I am also going to do the decor for the wedding as I do one stop party planning and decorating!  So feel free to let me know that you all might think I need to do. I want this to be perfect but don't want to step on anyone's toes!

I will be adding more on to this bio! Gods blessings to all of you brides to be!