Nov 07, 2009

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Seventh boy moved to my Chris...Something about him just made me smile. I was the "outgoing", "loud" , cheerleader type....and thought that he was *just simply wonderful*. Imagine I hadn't even spoke to him yet!! Fast foward until high school... my heart would straight skip a beat when he walked by me. I took wood, shop, Auto-CAD, and welding classes *lol* to get to be near him. Finally summer going into my senior year he noticed me. We started dating and began what I thought would be my fairytale..... We lasted about 3 years before...he wasn't ready for the kind of life i was.. marriage...babies and well..happy ever after. So he broke my heart and moved on to other things.... and I tried to as well...It wasn't as easy for me since I thought the sun set in his eyes...and he just didn't feel the same.....

Well he got married and had 2 beautiful babies.. And I got married and had a baby...and still all the while we kept in contact when big events happened or to be honest when I needed my best friend. Well about the same time our marriages started to fall apart for different reasons... and we both weren't happy... So he called me and said he thought would should meet up  and catch up on things.. that his divorce was just terrible and mine...well...wasn't much fun either. So we did and to be honest I hadn't seen him in a few years but when I saw him walk was just like seventh grade again.. I thought I was gonna choke on my heart as it tried to flutter out of my body!!! And well the rest is just what I always thought it was gonna fairytale. Now don't get me wrong... we have had our moments!! And anyone who has a blended family knows what I am talking about!! Also we had another baby together so now we have 4 children! All the picture of health and wonderfully happy. So as I am finally in a place where I can plan what I really have been planning  since I was 13. We are just 60 some days away from my dream come true...with my best freind!!!!