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How we met

Me and my husband to be met in 2006 due to my love of rusty old VW's. I had a mechanic who was half way through fixing one of my beetles when he decided to go travelling around Europe and then move down to the south of England, he gave me the number of another VW mechanic who should be able to help. So the next day I called the number and soon a gorgeous man turned up on my doorstep covered in grease and oil and worked his magic on my beetle. I also had another beetle that had been off the road for 2 years and not long after bought a camper van too. As a result of my terrible choice in cars I saw my knight in greasy overalls pretty much every week. After plenty of flirting he asked me out for a drink and before long we were completely in love.

The proposal

VW related again I'm afraid... We decided we would take our campervan to the lake district for a week as we had bought her a while back but hadn't taken her away. On our second day (5th July 2009) we went to a beautiful place called Tarn Howes, we parked the camper and walked down the hill towads the lake. Paul being the big kid he is started walking through a load of trees through mud and bushes calling me to follow him, with me complaining because my feet were soaking wet while I'm following him, he's calling back to me telling me to hurry up and asking where my sense of adventure was. Eventually we got to the edge of the lake where there was a small clearing, there was nobody around. I sat down on a rock and the next thing I know Paul is on one knee in front of me with a ring in his hand, telling me how much he loves me and asking if I will marry him.... Oh and telling me to complain less because you never now what you'll get.