Jul 17, 2010

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Our epics:

Our sneak peek wedding photos:

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I have a maid of honour and a bridesmaid and I chose to have them wear the same dress.

It is a Jim Hjelm #5870, we ordered it in all black.

My Bridesmaid dress photo 1

Here is the actual dress I can't wait to have one of my girls try it on.

My Bridesmaid dress photo 2My Bridesmaid dress photo 3

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I designed these in powerpoint and had them printed using Vistaprint.  They are fridge magnets.  I put them in 

card on the front I put At Last(We have been together for 10 years so this was everyone's comment when they heard we were engaged)

my save the dates photo 1

Inside Card

my save the dates photo 2

Front of the Card

my save the dates photo 3

Back of the Card

my save the dates photo 4

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I designed the monogram for this a little simpler than the one I'm using for my invites.  My FI had a projector at work so I used that to trace the monogram onto the fabric, but you you print it out and do it that way too. I painted the C using a silver metallic paint.

diy aisle runner photo 1

diy aisle runner photo 2

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This is the monogram I designed and used on my pocketfold invites

my monogram photo 1

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