Jun 01, 2012

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So after talking to our wedding planner and discussing it amongst ourselves, we have decided to do a fresh, clean "modern" style wedding. Our "main" colors will be a deep plum, spring green, and grey, with some white, grey/silver, and yellow tossed in as we wish.

Here is the main inspiration board I've put together:

Inspiration Look photo 1


For flowers, I am thinking green/white bouquets. I especially love this one for me:

Inspiration Look photo 2


And maybe something similar to this for the girls?

Inspiration Look photo 3


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I'm trying to keep my dress under wraps, so add me as a friend if you want to see photos!

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Hello! Just as a short introduction, my name is Marianne and my fiance-to-be is Corbin. We met in high school and have been together since, so over 5 years.  He is graduating this May, and I will be graduating next year, so the plan is to get married within a couple months of me graduating. He'll be proposing sometime between now and October, so I'm excited to find out what's up!

A little bit about myself - I am majoring in public relations and am hoping to get into event planning. I interned with a local wedding planner who is AMAZING (Check her out - . I can't wait to "officially" start planning my wedding as well as helping my friends who are engaged plan theirs :) I have been lurking on PW for over a year now and now that the proposal is coming up, I decided I could start to pimp out my bio.

We also have a 2 y/o border collie mix, Tucker.  He is the sweetest thing ever and SO precious, so I have to brag a little.