Apr 07, 2007

Jane Morba Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Take a look at Jane and Kevin's website (www.amazingjane.com) and you will see how truly incredible their work is. First of all, photography was very important to us. We did not want to scrimp on this. My neighbor (here in Sacramento) had used Jane and Kevin - and I was amazed by their photos. First of all, Jane and Kevin drove all the way here to Sacramento to do our engagement shoot. This shoot was at the Capitol and was GREAT! Lots of photojournalism.. they have such an easy way about them.. we always felt so comfortable with them and it was so easy to smile and feel at ease during the shoot. At the wedding itself, they were SOOO fabulous!!! They took SOOOOOOOOOO many great photos - they were always there - but, they were so unobtrusive. They caught all the emotion of the day... It was great because you get both of them.. and when one is taking the shots one way, the other is taking them from another view - so it is ALL captured. Our pictures were SO nice.. we were truly amazed. Besides the quality of the photos - it truly felt like they were guests of our wedding - they are such warm, nice people.. all our friends and family just loved them. They just fit in so well to the day and the entire event. They were both part of the "meant to be" feeling of our wedding! I HIGHLY recommend them.
Services used: Photography