Nov 15, 2008

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Juan and I met in December 25, 2007 and we began to talk for about a few months...he then asked me out on Feb 15, 08 and for my birthday(March 24th) he gave me a promise ring!!! I was shocked! I told him "what's this?" lol I was scared because we had only known each other for a few months... he told me it was going to be ok and said that he promised that he would always be there for me, aww how cute huh! We moved in together after two months of being boyfriend and girlfriend. He then gave me a BIGGER ring! and that's when he asked me to marry him, I planned my wedding in 5 months. I knew he was the one for me! my wedding was the best day ever! I got married Nov,15 2008 and that's my love story.