Jan 30, 2010

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So, I am not really sure how to do this, but i tried. and im kinda excited that i figured it out!

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I love my cake topper! Made by Woodland Manufacturing for $64.97!!!!!! It is a 6 inch tall Monogram letter, with clear and blue crystals (partially covered). I ordered it and received it about 2 weeks later. What even cooler is its the same font as my SAVE THE DATES! this will be the theme font for the wedding and also the swirls go along with our poka dot theme. It's very light, but good quality, just as good as the $300 ones I have seen. Again im on a budget and finding things for a lower price, same quality makes me smile :)

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Me and my hunny are a military couple! Having it ups and downs, we have been through soooooooooo much! We met when I was 14 in high school :) Basically I never thought I would ever love him, of course. Well once he graduated he went off the the Army. So then, we use the old pencil-paper method while he was in basic training...Then he was off to his first tour of Iraq. When he came back he actually proposed to me when I was 18! Scary i know. so we started planning our wedding. I was excited. Well he got the phone call to go back to Iraq for 15 months, my heart was broken, our world turned upside down! He just got home! So I could not bear the thought of not being married, exchanging vows, and committing ourself forever while he was there. Much less wait two years to be official....So....we headed off to my hometown in the church i grew up with and tied the knot! He knew I was kinda upset about not having  a wedding so he promised..."When I get back I will give you the Wedding of your dreams". As he got on the plane I just stared at my ring, and waited for two years (his tour and time of duty station in germany).

Now, we are finally having our wedding! Re-newing our vows is just perfect, because we will be married and living the married our new house on post. I can't imagine what it's like not taking him to the airport after two weeks of visitation. So he is a medic and will be working in the hospital, while I am graduating nursing school in December and will be working there also! Life is perfect...he comes home from germany in 2 weeks and we are off to getting wedding stuff done! First stop......register at stores! the funnest part:)

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I did these myself....inspired by Liz Augustine (my sister-in-law) who did a great job on hers! Thanks Liz! Her page is great for ideas!

We did our engagement pictures and i picked one with some wall in order to write.



1. get your pictures and type in your words or date in a photo shop like program. There are many others besides photo shop. Make sure you save it on to portable media!

2. Walgrees- print on mat paper as a 4 X 5.3. Do some trials first to get it perfect.

3. Buy scissors, envelopes, stamps, magnets. I bought a set of 50 envelopes at wal mart for $7 because I couldn't resist the cuteness, but! there are cheaper ones at Target (100 count) for $9.99. I ended up using these too. I also ordered some custom made stickers on because I was bored. LOL. but i used it as stamps for the envelope. They were sheets of 20 for $4. Role of level 3 magnets at Hobby Lobby for $2.99.

4. I printed the addresses labels on my own computer, using avery label paper for $4 at Walmart. I downloaded a template for the 30 count/sheet labels on

5. I placed my return labels and others on the envelope. Cut the roll of magnets and placed a strip on each picture. Placed it in an envelope, sealed it and placed a sticker on it:)

Poka dots are also my theme so I HAD to get the poka dot envelopes :)


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I love makeup! I really am into the eyes standing out. I hope it comes out great!

This first one is my absolute fav!


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This was not my plan, but I think it will go right along with my funkyness:) I might just wear it at the reception. Depending on if I like it. My lady on that is making it will make it onto the veil but will be removable for this reason!


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