Jun 13, 2009

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My friend best friend Jennifer, a graphic designer, did the graphical elements using a Wacom pen/tablet in Adobe Illustrator.  My sister provided inspiration for our wedding logo: waves that look like C & E.  With all of this, I developed the website in HTML and Javascript.  We hosted our site on Curt's school webspace, and we bought our domain name through a special ($1.99/yr) that Yahoo Small Business was having.


DIY website and graphics photo 1DIY website and graphics photo 2


Jennifer's graphical elements were awesome!  We used these for our paper-materials as well.

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Shiny Orb search for bridesmaid dresses photo 1

Finding bridesmaid dresses was tedious for my own wedding, so my friend Jennifer and I created shinyorb.com to make searching and shopping for bridesmaid dresses with friends easy.  Check it out: shinyorb.com

We also started this blog: http://blog.shinyorb.com/ to share useful online resources for wedding planning.


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Some pics pro non pro photo 1  Some pics pro non pro photo 2 Some pics pro non pro photo 3 Some pics pro non pro photo 4Some pics pro non pro photo 5 Some pics pro non pro photo 6

    Some pics pro non pro photo 7  Some pics pro non pro photo 8   Some pics pro non pro photo 9

Some pics pro non pro photo 10  Some pics pro non pro photo 11

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We decided to have a beach wedding in Northern CA.  I scoured maps and drove around trying to find the perfect beach.  But every beach I visited was cold and windy.  By luck, I stumbled upon Carmel River State Beach, which was amazing (by Northern CA beach standards :))!  The beach has a cove that is sheltered from the wind.  


Ceremony Carmel River State Beach photo 1

I highly recommend Carmel River State Beach with these caveats:


-hold a summer wedding in the morning (winds pick up in the afternoon in Carmel)

-buy a 4 hour permit to reserve the beach (book in advance)

-rent/borrow a portable sound system + mics => goes a long way

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As I was leaving my job in Japan to move to Boston, a friend told me that I should get in touch with a friend of his, who was now living in Boston (Curt).  He put us in touch over email, and many email exchanges, dates, and years later, Curt and I tied the knot in June 2009 and live in the SF Bay Area.