Jul 17, 2010

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Hi everyone! Sorry this has taken so long! Things have been crazy at my house lately!

Well my day went really well except for a few things...

One of my bridesmaids just didn't show up (yea, we are no longer friends). She was fighting with her boyfriend and didn't want to leave. Her excuse was that she had no one to watch her dogs (she lives about 6 hours away from me). LAME! Anyways, it worked out in the end because I had her dress here still and it fit my sister in law like a glove! She was a fantastic stand in BM! It worked out for the best in the end. THe old BM didn't even tell me that she wasn't going to be coming until the day of the wedding btw...and she told me by sending me a message on FB. But onwards and upwards from that...

My decor women! She was a total bitch and made me cry my eyes out! Two days before the wedding, she hadn't even given us a quote for how much her services were going to cost. SHe had gone away on vacation and felt she didn't need to let me know how much to make the check out for. She told me that in 11 years I am the worst client she has ever had. If anyone is in Victoria or Vancouver island beware of Hardip Johal. She is a scam artist and did nothing for my wedding. My mother and I did it all. We ended up buying all the decor items ourselves from Ikea and home outfitters. We also DIY'ed a lot of things. Yet at the end of it she was harrassing my photographer for pictures. I don't know what she would do with them since none of the decor was even hers to rent out. If a bride wanted anything it would have all been mine! She charged us $2500 to set up a chupa, drape the legs of the tent and 4 pink uplights. I think thats totally out of control! 

Other then that the day went very smooth. My parents had rented a beautiful cabin on the lake and we had the mua and the hair people all come there and we got ready on the beautiful deck and the dining room. It was awesome, relaxing and fun! I didn't feel nervous at all. We all drove to the ceremony together and then it all happened so fast. I love that we wrote our own vows (even the JP was crying!) It was so awesome!

The reception was beautiful! It was more beautiful then I could have ever imagined it to be. We had a cocktail hour with lots of little canapes and stuff, Pink lemonade martini's (which we called dycktini's in honour of my new last name! lol!) and Champagne or Kir Royal's if you wanted it with cassis.

The only thing I would change is not having a first look and getting the pictures over with. I hated having my picture taken. I could hear people partying and having fun and there we were getting our picture taken! Hours and hours of picture taking. I was so over it by the end! I think we only did about 2 hours after the ceremony but we had already done about 3 hours with my bm's at my parents cabin! That is the only thing thing that I didn't like...oh yea and my hair. I liked it at the time but I look back at the pictures and I hate it. It kept doing this weird thing with my bangs all night. Yucky! Oh yea and my hair flower was all lop sided by the time I walked down the aisle, I would say if you are going to do a hair flower go with a fake one. The real one was all wilted by the end of the night and falling out. OH yes and one more piece of advice, think about your bouquet now...Are you going to save it and have preserved? You should have that all arranged before hand. I didn't and I really regret it! So now without farther ado here are a couple of pro pics....

My wedding day photo 1

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DIY s photo 1DIY s photo 2

My DIY hangers inspired by Venustxbride (thanks love! Yours were amazing! I know I had to have something like them)

DIY s photo 3

Flip flop basket with the pretty pink butterfly (Our theme is dragonfly's but I couldn't find any pink dragonfly's lol!)

DIY s photo 4

Card box. This was the bain of my existence for quite some time! lol! But I love how it turned out! The ribbon is a really pretty hot pink! 

DIY s photo 5

I bought these little baskets at Micheals for like 2 bucks. I just spray painted them black and added the butterfly. I made two of them for our bathroom baskets. I am going to line them with hot pink fabric. 


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We have booked and now paid for our awesome venue! We get two nights at the house (the night before the wedding and the wedding night). My bridesmaids will stay with me the night before and then our parents and the groom will stay there the wedding night...(good thing it's a huge house! lol!)

I will try and take some other pics of where the reception will be and the view (it is unreal!)

Venue photo 1Venue photo 2

the ceremony will be on the grassy part....

Venue photo 3Venue photo 4

Venue photo 5

As soon as I get some pictures of the front of the house I will add them...the place is very grand! I LOVE it!

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The groom and I photo 1The groom and I photo 2The groom and I photo 3The groom and I photo 4The groom and I photo 5

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The Best man....

The Groomsmen photo 1

Andrews' BroThe Groomsmen photo 2

That is our little Jack curled up with him...isn't he cute? This pic was taken when Luke Was visiting us in Costa.

The Groomsmen photo 3

Andrews' youngest bro (sorry the picture is so small..our computer crashed and we lost all of our pictures so I've had to take them from facebook! Thank gawd for facebook!)

Collin (who will also be our MC)

The Groomsmen photo 4

They are all amazing men! I am lucky that Andrew has such great friends!

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My Maids photo 1

My Maid of Honour on her staggette...Best time ever! Singing mustang sally in the streets!

My Maids photo 2

My Gf Crystal and I in Vegas! I can't wait to go back for the staggette!

My Maids photo 3

Sharon....My hot mess! I love this lady

My Maids photo 4

Oh Angie! I love you! I think we drank ALOT...the night this picture was taken!