Oct 12, 2013

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Stylin' n Profilin'



 The Dress

The Lovely Ladies will be wearing a beautiful gown designed by Alvina Valenta style number 9964 in eggplant.

Stylin n Profilin photo 1Stylin n Profilin photo 2

Photo credit: Left, Right


These lovely dresses will be paired with:

Stylin n Profilin photo 3Stylin n Profilin photo 4

Tamara Long Earrings in Ivory Pearl by Kendra Scott and the Lucca Bangle Bracelet in Gold by Kendra Scott

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The Proposal

Ring Bling and Location

Engagement photo 1

This beautiful picture was my Christmas gift this year.  It has been framed and hung on our wall as a rememberance of where we became engaged.

Engagement photo 2  Engagement photo 3

My lovely ladieS.  Don't ask (jk) I had a "mishap" with my first after 3 months.

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O MY... It's My D.I.Y


DIY #1

Saving the Date

17$ for 70$ Vistaprint Groupon: envelopes, postcards, magnets and more.


DIY #2

 Asking the Bridal Party...


Love knot bracelets for the ladies, and cigars for the gents.


DIY #3

Church Door Letters/Candy Buffet Monograms

O MY D I Y photo 1

A dual purpose DIY.  I am going to use these to hang on the church doors and then display on the candy buffet table.  As cliche as it may be, I bet you can't guess what type of candy we will definately be including in our assortment :)


DIY #3.5

 Monogrammed Candy

My FMIL really wanted a candy bar/buffet at the wedding so this has become her "project".  Since I helped wrap all of the Hershey's Miniatures I am claiming this as part of my D.I.Y's.  Stay tuned for more pics as the buffet evolves.  Of note, I found tons of Mr. Goodbar wrappers in FIs clothes today when I did laundry.  Keep your fingers crossed that the candy makes it a few more months.


DIY #4

Ceremony Programs

O MY D I Y photo 2O MY D I Y photo 3

Approx 18 pages, yikes, and nearly complete.  Certain areas still need to be edited.  I am going to hold off on printing and assembling until we are closer to the wedding.  The hardest part: picking the readings and formatting is done.


DIY #5

Ceremony Exit Wands

O MY D I Y photo 4 

60 Ceremony exit wands, rolled, wrapped and ready to go. 

Giving a bell as a wedding gift is an Irish tradition.  The chime of bells is said to keep evil spirits away and also remind the married couple of their wedding vows.


Have A Question?

If you have a question about any of my D.I.Y's please don't hesitate to ask.  I don't mind sharing!

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Pack Your Bags...

... don't forget the swim trunks AND the sun screen ... because, here. we. come. honeymoon!

Pack Your Bags photo 1

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Will You Be Our Attendants? 

Well, Will You?



Will You Be Our photo 1Will You Be Our photo 2

Will You Be Our photo 3Will You Be Our photo 4Will You Be Our photo 5Will You Be Our photo 6Will You Be Our photo 7Will You Be Our photo 8Will You Be Our photo 9Will You Be Our photo 10Will You Be Our photo 11


Will You Be Our photo 12Will You Be Our photo 13

Will You Be Our photo 14
















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The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.

This is our proposed color palette.

Colors photo 1


The runners up:


             Colors photo 2          Colors photo 3