Sep 18, 2010

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I am so disappointed! I am getting married this year and wanted to use Stems for my flowers. I met with Allison to give her an idea of what I wanted and everything seemed fine. She emailed me a proposal, and even though they were considerably higher than a few of the other proposals I had gotten, I was still thinking I would use Stems because their work seemed so great. I made an appointment with Allison to see a sample for my centerpieces before I went ahead, and I am so glad I did. I arrived to my appointment on time. I was told Allison was in a meeting and would be done shortly. So, I just had to stand around in her shop, there was no place to even sit and wait. Then, after about 25 minutes of waiting, Allison calls down on the intercom to ask if her appointment was there. Her staff told her I was. She was just checking in after 25 minutes??? Allison finally came down with the clients she had been meeting with after I had been standing around waiting for 45 minutes. She then informed me that the 2 men where the fathers of the bride and groom..and that they had been there talking for 2 hours. Now, I am not stupid. Clearly, these men where going to put down a chunk of change on flowers for their children's wedding. So, apparently it was OK to let me stand and wait rather than wrap up her meeting on time with these men because of the amount of money they were going to spend compared to the amount of money I was going to spend. So unprofessional. My wedding flowers are important to me and I want the florist I work with to think that they are important, too. My time is also no less important and I deserve no less respect when I am paying for a service. At that point, I ran upstairs to glance at the centerpieces and left. Allison could have had golden roses, with cascading mounds of jewelled orchids streaming all over the table and it would not have mattered. If I am forking over over three grand, I am going to give it to someone who is going to be professional, courtesy and attentive. Stems might do beautiful work, but the lack of professionalism, especially for the prices they charge, leaves a lot of be desired. Take your money elsewhere, people...
Services used: Flowers