Sep 13, 2008

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We worked together for a few years, but we were only acquaintances...It took a mutual friend, to bring us together as friends so that we could realize each other's potential as something more. . .

We had previously gone to Jared's a few times just to get ideas. I just let him know I love the "antique" look and he did the rest. He proposed 2 days before we went to Maui on vacation at Luigi's in Naperville. It was the restaurant we had our first date. Unbeknownst to me, he had earlier been to my parent's house to ask permission for my hand in marriage.

Quintin then began reminiscing of past vacations as an adult and child, and asked if I was excited about going to Hawaii. Well of course I was! That is when he said "All the other vacations we have had you were just my girlfriend. When we go to Hawaii, I want you to go as my fiancé. Tiffany, will you marry me?"

He whips out an absolutely gorgeous antique inspired marquis cut diamond engagement ring. The timing was perfect and unexpected as he was actually able to surprise me in the most romantic and thoughtful way possible. It was a beautiful thing.