Jul 04, 2010

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We finally found a ring that he loves! He wanted something different so we started looking at Tungsten rings...I wasn't sure about it at first but everyone raves about how they stay looking new forever. I like that this one is a little darker than the average platinum or white gold...and I love it and can't wait for him to wear it! 

Soon to be Hubby s Ring photo 1  Soon to be Hubby s Ring photo 2

BTW... we found it on for $70 and that included shipping:) 

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I knew that I was going to DIY these to start out...thanks to someones genius post about vintage table numbers! For mine, I found digital pattern paper (for really cheap on in multiple different vintagey patterns in baby blue. Our color is I did some color editing to the background to get it just right. I purchased a calligraphy font on for $60...Seems steep...but I knew that I wanted the classic look of calligraphy but could not see paying someone to do it for me for $200-500 bucks...and we used it for everything...invites, monograms, table numbers, signs, invites, everything coordinates. So Nelly Script Flourish is what you see in red on our invites and these table numbers (LOVE IT!)...It was written by a calligrapher and made into a gorgeous font for paper and writing lovers like me!! 

Anyway, there is a stripey background, a flowery one, and a polka dot one. I just used GIMP (like photo-shop, but FREE!) to insert the background and type in and adjust the size of the numbers. The frames are from Michael's...they were on sale for something ridiculous...I think a buck each. They have them in all colors, shapes and sizes.

DIY Shabby Chic Table Numbers photo 1  DIY Shabby Chic Table Numbers photo 2

DIY Shabby Chic Table Numbers photo 3

If you aren't into doing it digitally, you can easily just get patterned papers from Michael's or Joann and either write the numbers on (if you have nice writing...I don't!) or print them, cut them out and glue them down! I have see them stamped on as well...or you could use chipboard.  

If you have any Q's about digital DIY...ask me! I have learned a lot through all this wedding planning!

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The before is very scary! I am actually amazed that I am putting it on here...I am a girl that literally never leaves the house w/out makeup!...but I <3 the results:

My Hair and Makeup Trial photo 1

Jennie (w/Kelly Zhang Hair and Makeup) was great and gave great suggestions. I booked her without any doubts!

A few from my camera:

My Hair and Makeup Trial photo 2My Hair and Makeup Trial photo 3

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Which one?? We are going to have her try them both and see. These are at Nordstrom (Tahari) and you can order them to the store nearest to you and pick them up...then return the one that isn't quite right. It's Nordstrom so no worries about problems returning. I think I like number 2:

MOB Dress photo 1  MOB Dress photo 2

What are the body type rules?? My mom is should she have a shorter or longer jacket?


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I knew that the boys would all wear argyle socks in their respective wedding color as soon as I started planning! I just think that those pics are priceless. I just bought these on they were 4 for $25 and we have 4 Groomsmen...perfect:)

Boys Argyle Socks photo 1

Now I have to find the red, black, and ivory ones for my honey, the ring bearer, and the daddys...

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I worked with a designer that I found on Etsy (lassodmoondesigns)...She was fabulous and I got exactly what I wanted (and for a good price!) I was able to use the calligraphy font that I found and the result is <3...Pics are a little dark and I had to do the lame name erase dealy (I don't like it because it mucks up a gorgeous invite...) Here they are:

My Invites photo 1

My Invites photo 2

Response card:

My Invites photo 3

We decided to have everyone respond to the wedding website:) It actually wasn't just to save on postage but to keep better track of our responses! (I am a little unorganized about

Getting ready to send them here tomorrow...I will post the envelope pics and the wrap labels that I created to match!