Jul 16, 2011

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I just got engaged this past summer. But the wedding won't be till 2011. I'm sure you're asking, "why on earth would you wait that long?!"  Trust me, I wish it was sooner! Do you know what it feels like when vendors look at you crazy because you are not going to be married for a while? Not a good feeling. Me and my fiance are doing the long distance thing right now and that won't end until June 2011. With relocating for wherever our jobs take us and so forth, the wedding probably won't be until around August/September 2011. I have recently revisited my dream wedding ceremony of walking down an aisle in a beautiful church.  So I think I'm going to have the ceremony in a church, and we're hoping we can have the reception at a mansion or some really classy place with a lot of land so the guests can feel the option to go outside and walk around if they want.  It's so much harder to find a pretty indoor location because the Texas Hill Country is so stunning, you start considering having an outside wedding!  But Texas heat and humidity can get unbearable even in those late months.  Oh well, as long as it's beautiful and as comfortable as can be for us and our guests. Thanks for taking the time to ready my story!  Happy Wedding Day to you all ; )