Dec 12, 2009

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My DIY Invites

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We met April 2003 and have been together ever since. Chris decided to propose in November 2007 after living together for 3 years. We went to the Whitsundays in Qld and he proposed on the balcony of the hotel room. He was being a bit weird the day before and on the day. After going to the great barrier reef and having a great day he decided to pop the question. I was so excited I forgot say yes! The big day is not far away now on December 12, 2009

                                                                           Meet the other half!!

                                        Our Story photo 1    

Wedding Re-Cap

After being engaged for 2 years our wedding day finally came. We decided to do our gift exchange 2 days before the wedding. I got him his favourite poster signed by the football player he has always idolised framed. He couldn't believe I managed to track the player down to get it signed. He LOVED IT. Anyways he came down stairs with my present, I couldn't believe he remembered that I always wanted this hand bad that cost and arm and a leg. He always said when we are rich he will get it for me...haha Yay!!!!!!!!

The day

After being awake until past mid night doing last minute things, like sticking down hot iron crystals with my MOH on the back of my underwear that spelt my new surname, I woke up at 4am and couldn't sleep so went to my parents room and jumped in the bed with them. My mum was so cute because she was hugging me.

Wake up at 6.30am and walking around a little bored but excited finally we head off to the hair dresser with the girls. Hair went over time but made it back in time to the house so MUA can do my make up. Videographer arrived which was great but photographer was WAYYYY late and had about 15min to do photos. The photographer was a bad sign from start to finish. He wouldn't listen to me and it all showed in the end because the photos were terrible. All I have to say is THANK GOD MY BROTHER IS PHOTOGRAPHER. If it wasn't for him I would have over exposed photos and ridiculous poses. 

Get to the church and had to wait around the corner because the wedding before was 30min late........

Finally at 2.35 when the service was suppose to be at 2pm we all head into the church. I wasn't nervous walking down the isle but when i looked down at my hands they were SHAKING!! My worse regret was not looking at my husband when I walked down the isle because I was to busy smiling to all my friends...hahaha

Walked into the reception after having all our photos taken and it was so much fun. We walked in to the song by the Black Eyed Peas and had our first dance to the song called "When god made you by Natlaie grant"

Even though most people were not greek at the wedding everyone managed to get up and do some greek dancing. I remember looking up at one stage and just about everyone was dancing.

Whenever we see people that attended our wedding they still talk about about how much fun they had. And as a bride and groom that is the best news we can hear :) 

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cake Inspiration photo 1

Cake will be in 4 tiers

Actual cake

cake Inspiration photo 2


Table centerpieces

cake Inspiration photo 3            cake Inspiration photo 4

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bridesmaids photo 1

Bridesmaids dress will have straps that go into a v on the back and will be in latte colour

End product

bridesmaids photo 2bridesmaids photo 3

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Shoes photo 1        Shoes photo 2

in ivory

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 Wedding Dress Jim Hjelm Inspiration photo 1

Has changes to it, beaded lace used instead and no ribbon

Wedding Dress Jim Hjelm Inspiration photo 2Wedding Dress Jim Hjelm Inspiration photo 3

Here are my earings.

Wedding Dress Jim Hjelm Inspiration photo 4