Feb 14, 2009

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So, people have said we're nuts for planning so early. For me, I don't think you can ever start too early...especially when you stress easily if things go wrong (which is how I am). The main reason for us was that we found that vendors are already getting booked for Valentine's Day! Thus, we plan ahead and hope the vendors we like are still available.

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Photos: Nataly Lemus -

Her work is fantastic and we got along with her so well...her prices fit right in our budget too! Can't wait to work with her!

Video: Afterglow Videography -

Carrie is another sweet and down-to-earth person who we clicked with. Plus, I loved the instant edit wedding video on their and sweet at the same time!


DJ:  Tom Chandler -

I've heard nothing but great things about Tom from Brides on here and on (gasp!).  When we met with him, we knew instantly that he just understood our taste in music.


Wedding Coordinator - - Marie Rhodes....LOVED HER!!


Wedding Gown: Palos Verdes Bridal (before it went out of business).  That's why I went there.  I got such a good deal on a beautiful Demetrios dress.


Bridal Party:  Men's Warehouse in Northridge and Cruz's Bridal in Santa Clarita.

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We're got married on 2/14/09. It wasn't planned that way at all! The other date we wanted at our venue (Friday after Thanksgiving '08) was taken as well as most other weekends this year. We wanted a fall or winter wedding and saw that 2/14 was open so we booked. We're not going all out V-day style, but kind of keeping the theme in mind. Our colors are chocolate brown and ivory with a few deep red accents (sort of like what's above). Reminds me of chocolate candy and roses. Maybe it is more V-day than I thought? haha I dunno, but I like the colors together.