Sep 06, 2009

Luxe Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
When we hired Morgan and Kathleen, we were in a desperate situation. Our hotels event coordinator was unresponsive, unhelpful, very misleading, and incredibly confusing. No one could get him on the phone. My mother and I just wanted a final guide-line as to what still needed to be done in the final month of planning. He actually chided me when I asked for a meeting because it was wedding season and he was very busy. As a result of his poor customer service, my mother spent a day in a frenzied search for a wedding planner who would be available on such late notice. I think she contacted maybe a dozen different planners and got responses from four. Luckily for us, Luxe Events was one of the four. After comparing services and reading all of the proposals, the main thing that stood out to me was that, while all the other vendors were telling us how they did things, Luxe asked us how we wanted things done. They really took the reins during the last month of our planning and made all of us involved feel like we had nothing to worry about (and we really didnt). Morgan and Kathleen were responsive, supportive, and proactive. Plus, I couldnt imagine a nicer couple of ladies; it almost felt like my friends were helping me plan. We had so many compliments from our guests regarding everything that they did. They respected our wishes, and really made this such a unique and wonderful affair. While I dont think that my wedding would have been a total disaster if we hadnt had their help, I know for a fact that it wouldnt have been the enjoyable and relaxing experience it turned out to be. Im happy to have worked with them and would recommend them to any bride.
Services used: Wedding Planning