Oct 09, 2010

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Here's our super friendly and always adorable chow chow Sirius Black--yes, his name WAS inspired by the Harry Potter books!  I got Sirius my senior year of college in 2006 (he was born July 2005) but he and Steve have a deeply rooted bromance.  He's a total sweetheart and loves people.  Too bad he's not a very good guard dog lol--but don't tell any burglers that lol!  He's a total cuddler...which works out bc he sleeps A LOT :D

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Since I had a destination wedding I was extremely limited in what I could make myself for my wedding.  I resolved to making my own adorable and memorable place cards!  The pictures below are of my place cards that I cut out individually by hand--with love of course!  I loved making them and everyone loved the personal touch.

These butterflies need to have a tiny slit cut into them so that they can balance on a champagne flute.  I had a sit-down reception so I color & pattern coded my but terflies (i.e. blue argyle = filet mignon, green stripes = salmon, purple damask = chicken, yellow victorian = kid's meal).  

If you are interested in making your own, you can find the printable pattern (only $3.50) at this Etsy seller: http://www.etsy.com/listing/60850075/printable-damask-butterfly-place-cards

My DIY Butterfly Place Cards photo 1
My DIY Butterfly Place Cards photo 2


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** www.etsy.com/shop/fascinatemellc **

The pictures above are of the fascinator that I made for myself and designed for my bridesmaids.  The fascinators below are examples of a few pieces from my Etsy store.  I've got feathers, jewels, & crystals to compliment your wedding day look.  I've also started creating veils and bridal sashes!  PW brides, please enjoy a 15% discount on your order. 

Custom requests are welcome!  Just send me your fascinator inspirations so that we can get together to make magic!  My favorite borrowed quote is: It's okay to be high maintenance as long as you're high performance, so when requesting a custom piece, please be as detailed as possible :)

The image above is courtesy of Kurt Boomer Photography | SoCal | http://www.kurtboomerphoto.com/

** www.etsy.com/shop/fascinatemellc **

**NOTE:  To receive the 15% discount please enter the coupon code "PWBRIDE" during checkout**


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** www.etsy.com/shop/fascinatemellc **

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*My wedding pictures are visible to friends only.  Send me a friend request, I love new friends! XOXO*

Hi and welcome to my bio!  My name is Joanne and I married Steve on Saturday, October 9, 2010.  Our wedding was everything I dreamed that it would be!

Steve and I met in April 2007 when we were at Air Force officer training in Montgomery, AL (Steve is still in the USAF but I've recently separated).  As you can imagine, the USAF is full of men but Steve ended up catching my eye because of our very similar interests and personalities.  We were stationed in different bases [I was at the Pentagon in Washington, DC and Steve was at Cannon Air Force Base (AFB) in Clovis, NM] so we dated long distance for two years before Steve proposed on September 5, 2009.  It was long and hard at times but we were able to really establish a good friendship to base our relationship on.  This makes it so much easier to be married to my best friend now :)  

My family is from Seattle and Steve's is from Boston, additionally due to the military we have friends literally scattered all over the US so we decided to get married in Las Vegas for a two main reasons: (1) hotel and transportation for guests is much easier and (2) since most guests had to fly to our wedding, they could have fun outside of our wedding without us. So, much like our dating years, I planned our wedding from a distance.  How poetic, right?  We decided on an evening garden ceremony on Saturday, October 9, 2010--Columbus Day Weekend so that guests could make the most out of a weekend trip to Vegas.  I know what you're thinking, why not 10-10-10 right?  It was just too hectic and not worth the novelty.

While planning I knew that I wanted my/our wedding to be beautiful, stylish, fun, and memorable.  Our wedding colors were green (my favorite color) and blue (his favorite color)--I definitely didn't allow the season to determine our colors!  I decided to keep the ceremony simple and romantic (hence the candle light) but the reception to be a party (hence the bold and explosive lighting).  My girls wore floor length green B2 gowns with electric blue heels hidden underneath--I love pictures of the girls revealing their shoes!  They also wore peacock fascinators that I designed and beautiful tanzanite Swarovski earrings (my gift to them).  I wore a fitted mermaid lace gown by Pattis bridal, gorgeous green shoes by Poetic License, crystal Swarovski earrings, a pearl statement necklace, petite birdcage veil, and a fascinator that I made by hand.  Steve wanted his James Bond moment as much as any bride wants to wear a white gown so we bought his slim Hugo Boss tux and even tied his own skinny bow tie!  I hope to take anniversary photos in our wedding clothes as we age :)  My bouquet was made of white calla lilies and green cymbidium orchids.  To match, Steve's boutonniere was made of a single white calla lilly.  The FG and BM pomander and bouquets were made of  white roses, green orchids, blue orchids, and purple calla lilies.  To match, the groomsmen had boutonnieres to made of single white roses.

Since our wedding was in Vegas we probably didn't have too high expectations going to our reception...however, I'm happy to say that they were very pleasantly surprised!  Our reception decor began with blue uplighting surrounding the ballroom with a few green images of trees (to pay homage to our garden ceremony).  The table cloths were brown so that they could stay muted against all of the color in the room and the centerpieces were tall brown wrought iron trees with three pomanders, hanging votives, and white rose petals and more votives at the pomanders were made of the same flowers as the FG and BM pomanders and bouquets.  Since our wedding was a destination wedding I was limited in my DIY projects but you could see all of my hard work at our guest sign-in table.  First, I made the small card box and signs.  I bought the "sign-in" tree poster from a vendor on Etsy.  I also made the boards and butterfly place cards by hand.  The guests could place the butterfly place cards on the rim of a champagne flute and they were color & pattern coded to the different meals for dinner, of course :)  Our ten guest tables were split evenly on each side of the dance floor and our sweetheart heart table was positioned in the middle on a small raised stage--with all the wedding events, it was nice to have some alone time!

We had a fabulous photographer who took all of my must-haves, candids, and intimate moments--including first look and first moments alone :)