Oct 09, 2010

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We spent a week at the Sandals Grande Antigua in Antigua and Barbuda.  We flew out on Christmas day and flew home on the January 1, 2011 so we were able to celebrate the new year there.  We were lucky enough to be upgraded to a fabulous one bedroom suite on the 6th floor of the new Mediterranean Village building (there are 7 floors total).  Our view from the balcony was breathtaking!  The food was fantastic and the staff was courteous and friendly.  We did all of the free watersports, burned some calories at their well-equipped gym, I had a spa day complete with a Swedish massage and mani & pedi, and had a blast ziplining over the canopies of Coconut Grove.  It was fabulous, gorgeous, relaxing, romantic, and memorable!

Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 1Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 2Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 3Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 4Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 5Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 6Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 7Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 8Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 9Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 10Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 11Non Pro Pics Honeymoon photo 12

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I've been meaning to upload these pictures for the longest time!  I designed the layout and style of our Envelopment invitations.  The outside is a shimmery navy blue with landscape orientation.  The inside had a shimmery green layer with ivory layers on top.  The font colors matched the blue and green matting. The outer envelope was a pearly ivory color.  There were three insert cards:  reply postcard, planning card, and day of wedding card.  We chose post cards to save a little money on return envelopes.  The planning card included info about the hotel discount, our wedding website, the menu, and other travel info.  The day of card included average weather info for our wedding in Las Vegas, directons to the venues, event info, and contact information for my hostess and MOH in case our guests needed extra help.  Since we had a "desination wedding" I really wanted to include a lot of information in our invitations.  I wish I could have put them together myself but at the time I was really busy and didn't have the time to do so.  I really love the way they turned out! 

*Lessons learned:  It's surprising (not to mention ANNOYING) how many people didn't RSVP--even though it was a pre-addressed and stamped post card so you'll definitely want to set your reply by date so that you'll have plenty of time to contact those who didn't RSVP in time.  Also, I didn't learn this tip until after my wedding but you should number your RSVP cards because people forget to put their names on the cards :p

Our Wedding Invitations photo 1Our Wedding Invitations photo 3

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Here are our wonderful pictures taken by SNAP!tography (snaptography.net), an amazing husband and wife duo (Jo and Joe--how cute is that??) in Washington, DC.  The daytime pics were taken around Old Town Alexandria, VA and the evening pics were taken around Washington, DC.

Pro Pics Engagement photo 1Pro Pics Engagement photo 2Pro Pics Engagement photo 3Pro Pics Engagement photo 4Pro Pics Engagement photo 5Pro Pics Engagement photo 6Pro Pics Engagement photo 7Pro Pics Engagement photo 8Pro Pics Engagement photo 9Pro Pics Engagement photo 10Pro Pics Engagement photo 11Pro Pics Engagement photo 12Pro Pics Engagement photo 13Pro Pics Engagement photo 14Pro Pics Engagement photo 15

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In May 2009 Steve suggested a trip to Boston under the guise of visiting his parents.  Little did I know, Steve was already planning his proposal.  He called my parents to ask for permission and made reservations at The Westin Copley Place (the same hotel that he officially asked me to be his girlfriend over two years prior) and at the Top of the Hub, a restaurant located on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Building.  Dinner was at 7:00pm on Saturday, 5 September 2009, just in time to watch the sunset over the Charles River and Boston skyline.  After stalling to order (he later confessed was because of nerves), Steve excused himself to use the restroom.  I was enjoying the view and the sunset when Steve returned.  I felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Steve kneeling next to me!  Steve proposed and presented the beautiful ring (mushy parts left out).  I was so taken aback that she forgot to say yes and just kissed Steve.  By this time the photographer that Steve hired had moved in to take pictures of the proposal and the surrounding tables applauded.  It was an unforgettable night!

Pro Pics Proposal photo 1Pro Pics Proposal photo 2Pro Pics Proposal photo 3Pro Pics Proposal photo 4Pro Pics Proposal photo 5Pro Pics Proposal photo 6Pro Pics Proposal photo 7Pro Pics Proposal photo 8Pro Pics Proposal photo 9Pro Pics Proposal photo 10

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Here's a list of our wonderful vendors.  I can't say enough great things about them!

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Lol...yes I started planning the day after Steve proposed.  I'm posting after my wedding but here were my inspirations to include color scheme.  Please feel free to ask questions!  Also, please credit me or my bio if you borrow any pics.  Thanks so much!  XOXO  Happy planning!!

**NOTE: I got some of these pics prior to knowing proper PW etiquette so please let me know if I owe you credit**

After MUCH delibration and second-guessing our color scheme was green (my fave color), blue (Steve's fave color), ivory, with accents of purple.

Planning vs Actual photo 1Planning vs Actual photo 2Planning vs Actual photo 3Planning vs Actual photo 4

My Bridesmaids wore these Jasmine Bridal Gowns (style B-3045) in Pure Jade.  They were made of satin and had pockets...totally a selling point!  I also chose these gowns because of the sweetheart top because it was so reminiscent of my own gown's top.  I kept the gowns floor length so that they could wear eye-popping blue shoes underneath for memorable "shoe shots" :)  Shoes are important to me so I let the girls pick their shoes as long as they stayed in the color I was looking for.  I also sent pics and links for examples.  I also accessorized them with peacock fascinators (that I designed!) and tanzanite Swarovski earrings as my BM gifts. 

My Hostess wore this gorgeous one-shoulder gown also by Jasmine (style B-3050).  I said she could choose what she wanted to wear but she wanted to match the girls so I also got her a peacock fascinator and tanzanite earrings :)

Planning vs Actual photo 5Planning vs Actual photo 6

Planning vs Actual photo 7

Bridesmaid/Hostess accessories (pro-pics from our wedding):

Planning vs Actual photo 8Planning vs Actual photo 9

My wedding gown by Pattis Bridal (Pattis Bridal).  She was the 4th dress of 9 that I tried on in two different bridal salons.  I bought her from White Swan Bridal in Vienna, VA (White Swan Bridal).  Pattis Bridal is a couture bridal designer in California.  They said that it would take upwards of 8 months for my gown to come in but it only took 6 months :)  I had gown altered to be strapless and have a "V" back.  The fourth picture (of the back of the dress) is a pic of my gown bustled.

Planning vs Actual photo 10Planning vs Actual photo 11Planning vs Actual photo 12

Planning vs Actual photo 13

My earrings were by Swarovski crystal.  They were large (5/8" diameter clear crystal) and sparkly but simple.  They can be found here: http://www.swarovski.com/Web_US/en/883551/product/Bella_Clear_Crystal_Pierced_Earrings.html?CatalogCategoryName=0110.  I also got my girls these in peridot.

My necklace took me a long time to find.  She was the 4th or 5th piece that I'd bought for our wedding :D  I knew I wanted a pearl statement necklace and just got lucky one day at a small boutique.  I'm sorry I can't provide a link for her!  I would suggest looking through Macys, Nordstrom, and Etsy for interesting necklaces.

My fascinator was designed and created by me!  I just couldn't find the perfect piece so I decided to make my own :)  I had so much fun making my fascinator and designing my girls' fascinators that I created my own Etsy store, Fascinate Me

My petite birdcage veil was ivory and I bought her from hairfascinators on Etsy.  I allowed her to use my picture so you might see a familiar face ;)

My shoes were called Gift Wrapped by Poetic License.  I found them on Zappos.com.  When I was looking my requirements were that they: (1) had a strap since I wouldn't be able to reach my shoes, (2) were green, (3) platform high heels since Steve is 11 inches taller than me, and (4) FABULOUS.  I think I hit the jackpot with these stunners!!

Planning vs Actual photo 14Planning vs Actual photo 15
Once I saw this bouquet I knew I wanted my bouquet to be modeled after it!

Planning vs Actual photo 16Planning vs Actual photo 17

Since I got all of the girls fascinators, our hair inspiration was based on the following "side" styles:

Planning vs Actual photo 18Planning vs Actual photo 19

I definitely wasn't a "natural makeup" kind of bride.  Here are the dramatic styles that I used for our makeup inspiration:

Planning vs Actual photo 20Planning vs Actual photo 21

Our reception decor was inspired by the following photos:

Planning vs Actual photo 22Planning vs Actual photo 23Planning vs Actual photo 24Planning vs Actual photo 25Planning vs Actual photo 26Planning vs Actual photo 27

This is what our reception actually looked like:

Planning vs Actual photo 28Planning vs Actual photo 29Planning vs Actual photo 30Planning vs Actual photo 31