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Ceremony Details

Tissue Flower by: Martha Stewart
Reserve pew ispiration from: Martha Stewart
Memorial Candle by Knottie: bride2bnVA
Tears of Joy Packet by Wedding Bee: Miss Bee
Flower Girl Basket taken from:
Ring pillow and monkey pod for coins by Knottie: Mauidjenn photographer: Jessica Claire Photography
Veil and cord inspiration from: Vicki (sorry girl forgot your knot name)

Our Ceremony's going to be very simple and minimal. I wanted the focus of the wedding to be on our vows and not the decor. The tissue flowers will be made into our pomander ball for the pews. You have to see an example below in the "DIY's" section. It's gorgeous. The pew sign will hang with the pomander for reserve seating. I would love to do a memorial candle to light up for the ceremony. If not then this will be moved to the pre-reception or on the cake table at the reception. I want to duplicate the tears of joy packet for my guests. Even though I'll need it the most. The flower basket is a genius. I think it's adorable and different. The ring pillow is a great idea too! I bought this lauhala pillow from online and monkey pod on the Big Island of Hawaii. OMG I looked high and low for this thing through my vacation there. And the very last day was when I found it in this smallest local shop ever. I plan to get it engraved like Mauidjenn did. The veil and cord is part of a traditional Filipino Catholic wedding. I love the veil that Vicki's mil got her from the Philippines.

Pre-Reception Details

Origami Wishes idea from: Martha Stewart
Cherry blossom to go infront of origami wishes: same MS
Origami Art Display:
guestbook inspiration by knottie: 2BMrsTBerry
Polaroid camera picture from:
escort card inspiration: unknown
Wreath Hanger bought from: Home Depot

These are the things I want laid out in my pre-reception. I love the cherryblossom and the guest wish set up from MS Wedding magazine. I think it works perfectly in our theme. The origami art display is going to be done by one of my bridesmaid as our gift. We'll be displaying it by the door. She's going to design the concept herself and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. The guestbook will just have pictures of us and for our guest to sign their name and address for ty cards. I bought the Polaroid camera from knottie LouiesFlame because I got the idea from knottie fylypyna to keep one by the bar and have them take two photos, one for us and one for them to keep. I guess it's a good subsitute for the photobooth I wanted =(. Finally the escort card display. I got this idea from mrs.kcb. I'm not sure who originated the idea but this is sooo cute and looks soo easy to set up. I hope to use the wreath hanger for my diy tissue paper/moss covered letters.

Reception Details

Card Cage by knottie: azbride2be
Parent's chair decor: project wed dot come
Bride and Groom's chair lei inspiration: project wed dot com
Napkin fold by Knottie: Kayrose
cute bathroom basket sayings by:
centerpiece inspiration by: unknown
Table signage by Knottie: Mavie
Table no. wineshade by Knottie: uknown

I don't have a picture of it but I got our card cage from target like knottie azbride2be.I think it's big enough (hopefully). I've seen girls hang cards in the front. I'll be doing that as well. I wanted floral decor for my head table's chair although people won't see it unless they turn their chair. Which they will =D. I hope our chair is brought down during the slide show and performances we're having. I love how this napkin fold is. It's simple, classic and would nest our programs nicely. I'll have the programs on every other napkin. I do want an orchid on the napkins w/o the programs. We're having restroom basket to accommodate our guest. I love this saying. It's soo cute. The centerpiece inspiration I know I've seen this on a local lightening company. If anyone knows who I'm talking about pls page me. But our centerpiece is only going to contain 1 cylinder glass filled with dendrobium orchids. Our table signs will be like knottie Mavie. I'll put our menu and description of our table nos. on it. Our table no. will be printed on wine glass lamp shade that'll be sitting on the edge of each ends of the tables. I got this picture from 1 knottie and the idea from another local knottie. I'm not sure their names though. The instructions is on the save on craft site:
click here for instructions
Oh yah! We're not doing round table. We're doing rectangle tables lined up in a row. I'll put a layout of it when I can. Not Pictured: Our china pattern I picked out is the Lenox Opal Innocence™ Collections. I want our toasting flutes to be in that patern but only if a guest buys it beforehand. My Aunt offered to pick it up but I'll wait and see if she does.


Candy Bar Inspiration from Knottie: meg&ksexton
Jar labels from designer: alyee
(i think it was hers) Candy bar wrapper from Knottie:bcb4me
The Infamous wedding take out: unknown
Chopsticks: Pearl River
Ribbon Wand idea from Knottie: blackcurrant
Pinwheel idea from: Martha Stewart (again!)
Magnolia Flower Kit: Paper Source
Fortune Bouquet Toss ispiration: mrs.kcb
Sandlewood Fans:
Loose Orchids Idea from: Martha Stewart.

We're doing the candy bar. Only it'll be more a treat bar display. We're doing chocolates of course, pink candies, coffee bags, and teas. This is our actual candy bar jars. We bought it from erin033 who bought it from meg&ksexton. I think we'll end up doing the same set up. I'm not sure if it was Alyee that came up the jar labels. If its you please don't hesitate to tell me. This wrapper is cute done by knottie bcb4me. I was going to do a personalized one too and this is a great inspiration. We'll have our take out box serve as our placecards. we're including chopsticks because in our thank you greeting on the favors we want to use this quote I came up with "One don't work without the other". The ribbon or pinwheel are for the kids. Whew I don't have to DIY so many of them. The fortune bouquet toss is a cute idea. I wanted to use the same flowers as knottie mrskcb but my friends picked out the magnolia flowers. I'll be scaling the petals to be smaller than what's pictured. I also will be tossing to all women (whether married or single) and including money in the bouquet to encourage the females. I know with all these favors why would I need to include the fans. Well it's a never ending battle with my fmil to have a favor made from the PI (Philippines Island). So I picked the fans. And finally a cute idea to identifying our guest and making them feel part of the party.. loose orchids to wear. I'm going to provide pins and bobby pins incase they want to wear behind the ear.

Cake inspiration photo taken by: Wendy Hithe
I Do letters: uknown
Grooms Cake photo taken from Knotti's Bio: MariaandCedric

This is the cake we've chosen. We like how it's simple. Since our cake is going to be that high I didn't want it to be monsterous with all kinds of decorations. I do want it to have some florals like the picture. The ribbons are going to be brown. And the I Do letters will be on the table. We're getting a 3d grooms cake in a shape of a Hennessy Bottle. Our fave hard liquor. Funny thing.. Our cake flavors are Grand Marnier and Chocolate Kalua. However our groom's cake in a shape of a liquor bottle will be cookies and creme. Our cake creator is Jen's Cake... YUMMIE! Please go to one of her cake tastings. She's a doll to work with and her husband had our whole family rolling on the floor.

STD inspiration by Knottie: Aylee
Alt STD idea from: invitesgalore dot com
Thank you postcard idea from Knottie: Bec+Adam
Rehersal Dinner Invites idea from: weddingfavorites dot com
Ceremony Program inspiration from:
Program by Knottie: AvaLikeLava.jpg

Of course I have more ideas than these for stationeries. Check below at my DIY's. Save the dates were going to duplicate the movie tickets. But for some reason cutting them were a pain. Then I came across Aylee's blog and wanted to do the boarding pass. My actual results are in the DIY section. For a donation she'll give you the template on her site:
click here for her site
She's very talented. I wanted my thank you postcards to be like bec+adam. I want my guest to see what an amazing job our photographer will do and our details. Paper lantern invitation is soo cute for a rehersal dinner. We're planning to have it at a asian buffet resturant. It's perfect. I thinking I'm going to buy it off Oriental Trading and be able to decorate it with our colors. We're having two programs. I was going back and forth about it because two programs equal more money. However not everyone has gone to a catholic ceremony and would need the details to be explained. So I'll probably be making about 30 of them. I like this matchbook look from bellafigura. I want my reception programs to duplicate azbride2be. She has instructions on her bio. I want to do the fans but I plan to do about 100 programs. I don't think I have the cutting patience nor does my bridesmaids or FI. I don't want to be dead by the end of the DIY period.

The Invitaion Inspiration

Booklet Inspiration 1 by Knottie: actormarryinggolfer
Booklet Inspiration 2 by: paper girl
Booklet Inspiration 3 by: paper girl
Label inspiration by pro wedding member:ivybride06
Box and labels inspired by:Oh Happy Day

I wasn't sure what I wanted for my invites. Then Karen of Huckleberry Karen had this post of receiving an invitation. I was in awed. I wasn't convinced to do them though and was still outweighing if I should do pocketfolds. Then I was surfing threw project wed's site. I'm sold. Since this will have a ribbon to it... a box is a necessity. he he he.

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St. Victor's Church of San Jose, CA

When I first moved to San Jose we became a part of this parish. I recieved my first communion, confession, and confirmation. Since I did 3 of my sacraments at this church I had to get married there. This church has a served so much for me. And I'm honored to have the head priest perform our wedding. Right before he retires.

SFO Holiday of S. San Francisco, CA

Now why would we pick two venues that are approx 40 mi's apart. I live by my ceremony and he lives our reception spot. Since this wedding is about us... we wanted to be fair to both sides of the family. And I also thought it's a cute way for our guest to know our journey. We've been seing each other driving these distance. We're lucky enough to find this hotel. When people think Holiday Inn they think 3 stars. This particular spot gives a 5 star service and has modern look I would not expect from a 3 star hotel. The food is terrific, the staff have been very helpful with all of my ideas, and our coordinators (first one left to go back to la) were both great to work with. I can't really rave them because the day of is when our opinions matter. So far... they're doing a great job.

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The Inspiration board

This is my inspiration board I've made. I know it's a lot of image. I love images.

The Colors

I found these colors thanks to a member of project wed's site.

I wanted colors that reflected the both of us. Since FI has a very selective color range.. I took this decision on my own. Talking with a lot of brides I was surprise that this is the one thing fiancés want to have control over. FI and I agree brown would be a great color to start with. As for accent colors... now do you think he would chose that? Hmmmm... Or did he? The reason I picked this palette is because I wanted our wedding to reflect something classic as well as romantic. Doesn't it remind you of the starbucks valentine's color scheme?

The Theme

Eastern Touch from

Like I said I'm the party planner of my family. So everything had to have a theme to tie everything together. I love the Asian theme. Although that theme would fit into our relation's history (our first date was sushi) it wasn't something that's completely us. So I threw in the tropics part. I call it "Asian Tropics." It's taking the zen in the Asian culture with the spirit of the island. I'm hoping it would all come together cohesively.

The Monogram

It took me several monograms til I was happy with this one. It's simple, clean, and it has a silhouette of our flower. For some reasons lately I'm very into silhouettes. Some of our colors are in it. I think I might've gone through like 20 monograms. It was hard for me because I'm used to doing club flyers. I never knew about wedding monograms. But after seeing everyone else's I evolved into what I have now.

The Fonts

I started off with Effloresce and Scriptina. When I started doing the stationary these were both very competitive of each other. So I decided that these would be my emphasis type of fonts. Parchment MF and Arial will be my more tamer fonts. It all depends on the stationery I'll be using.

The Flowers

Bouquet inspiration 1: Petalworks
Bouquet inspiration 2 pw member: ivybride06
Bouquet decor inspiration by pw member: WeezerMonkey
Boutonniere inspiration: uknown

Orchids! I love them. We'll be mixing (I think and if I don't change my mind) roses, dendrobium, cymbidiums, and if I'm lucky and they're in season: peonies. I'm happy that we have Karen as our florist. She's been helpful with the flowers and other wedding details. She's wonderful! They'll be in mauve, blush pink, and white.

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Sunday,October 22nd, 2006
Hs Lordship
Berkley, CA

I was crying a week before my birthday wanting to get engaged for my upcoming birthday. Little did I know he was already planning to propose the day before my 29th birthday. I envisioned a fun “prom night” b-day celebration that weekend but everything was going wrong. Instead of dinner we were were having Sunday brunch. When it came I was disappointed but went with the flow anyway. We had brunch at Hs Lordship in Berkeley, CA. It was raining all week and for some reason that day was bright and shining. He made me take video snippets the ride from Daly City to Berkeley saying it was for the intro of his mom’s 60th birthday video we’re having next month at the very same restaurant. So I never suspected a thing. We met up with his best friend and girlfriend at the restaurant and had brunch. By then I thought he was going to surprise me with something else (i.e jewelry) because he told me he got me an ipod but to act surprise. We went to the shore after eating to open my gift and it was an ipod. I was like great. His best friend started videotaping and Ed steps forward telling me how much he loved me and how he means it. Then reach in his vest pocket and pulls out a box. I started crying and he started to say “Maritess M-”. I screamed yes yes yes! He said "Let me ask the question first." From the very moment I met him we’ve always been this odd couple and our difference keeps us laughing. I’m sooo glad to met my ONE and look forward to our marriage together.

The E-ring

This is a custom made ring bought from the Shane Co. The reason why this "Past, Present, Future" ring isn't all the same cut is dated back to before we were an exclusive couple. We were hanging out sitting in Yerba Buena Park talking about the perfect engagement ring. We agreed the 3 stone ring is the perfect ring for what it represent. Then I asked what cut. And I was sure he would agree with me so I burst out the same time he did "Princess" only to hear him say "Round!" So in compromise to both of choices FI decided to have it custom made to both our liking.

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The Bride

My name is Maritess. I'm the oldest of 3 girls. I like to give graphic designing a try. I love to learn about html. I do have a fun side. Planning parties are my roll in my family. I plan and I do party. Every now and then, no matter how much older we get, my friends and I can throw down when it comes to partying. A quote that makes us laugh (this was told by one of our guy friends) "DAMN YOU GIRLS DOIN' IT LIKE DUDES!" I love my future hubby to be. He's the exact opposite. We bump heads but then we come to accept our differences.

The Groom

He is Ed. He's the oldest of 2 brothers. He likes to spend time djing or fixing up computers or play "World of Warcraft". He's the safety regulator and a charming man. Very old fashion at times but willing to try SOME new ideas. It depends. He weighs most decision before jumping in. One he doesn't is the decision of the heart. He's soo full of love but sometimes he's hard to understand. Hence his dj name is DJ MrE. He loves to spin for his friends. He's done it for 16 years yet make no profit. All the money he and his partner makes goes back to upgrading equipment. WTH!?!?!

How we met

I was chatting with a friend and she was chatting with him. I mentioned him after seeing her friend list on myspace (blah). And asked what kind of guy he was. I just got out of a relationship and was looking for a friend to relate to. His page had this quote that made me want to talk to him. It said "Status: Learning how to be single again." Our mutual friend started a chatroom and introduced me to him. The next day I messaged him on myspace. To my surprised he responsed. We talked about everything under the sun. We decided to meet and that's was just the beginning.

How we got together

It became official after he "SCHEMED" with my closet friend. She led me to believe I was getting ready for her Christmas party and we had to meet someone at San Jose's Christmas in the Park to get our dinner tickets. Lo and behold I saw him walking towards me with a bouquet of flowers. He had the whole night planned for us. It was the most romantic, sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. We went to the Equionx where he asked me to be his girlfriend. This took place Dec. 6th, 2003.