Jun 26, 2010

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We enjoyed a romantic week in one of our favorite places - Gatlinburg, TN.

Our Honeymoon photo 1Our Honeymoon photo 2

Wedding night at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY.

Our Honeymoon photo 3Our Honeymoon photo 4

The view from our cabin.

Our Honeymoon photo 5Our Honeymoon photo 6

Our honeymoon cabin.

Our Honeymoon photo 7Our Honeymoon photo 8

Out and about in Gatlinburg - Bubba Gump Shrimp on the left, the Titanic on the right.

Our Honeymoon photo 9Our Honeymoon photo 10

More shots of the Titanic, which is 1/2 the size of the original.

Our Honeymoon photo 11Our Honeymoon photo 12

On the way to the Harrah's in North Carolina.

Our Honeymoon photo 13Our Honeymoon photo 14

Outside the casino (we won!).

Our Honeymoon photo 15Our Honeymoon photo 16

Our Honeymoon photo 17Our Honeymoon photo 18

Hard Rock Cafe Gatlinburg.

Our Honeymoon photo 19Our Honeymoon photo 20

On the Gatlinburg strip.

Our Honeymoon photo 21Our Honeymoon photo 22

Our Honeymoon photo 23Our Honeymoon photo 24

Our Honeymoon photo 25Our Honeymoon photo 26

Our Honeymoon photo 27Our Honeymoon photo 28

Our Honeymoon photo 29Our Honeymoon photo 30


Our Honeymoon photo 31Our Honeymoon photo 32

Our Honeymoon photo 33Our Honeymoon photo 34

Our Honeymoon photo 35Our Honeymoon photo 36

Our Honeymoon photo 37Our Honeymoon photo 38

Our Honeymoon photo 39Our Honeymoon photo 40

More mini-golf!


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Rehearsal at the Gardens at Ray-Eden, June 25, 2010, 4:00 pm

Rehearsal and Dinner photo 1Rehearsal and Dinner photo 2

The "bouquet" is made with a paper plate and all the ribbons from the bridal shower, a rope of beads from the bachelorette party and strips of cardstock from one of our DIY projects. Made by MOH Ashley!

Rehearsal and Dinner photo 3Rehearsal and Dinner photo 4


Rehearsal Dinner at Captain's Quarters on the Ohio River

Rehearsal and Dinner photo 5Rehearsal and Dinner photo 6

Rehearsal and Dinner photo 7Rehearsal and Dinner photo 8


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Rings photo 1Rings photo 2

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                                                   By Soda Fountain Photography

Pro Pics photo 1Pro Pics photo 2

Pro Pics photo 3Pro Pics photo 4

Pro Pics photo 5Pro Pics photo 6

Pro Pics photo 7Pro Pics photo 8

Pro Pics photo 9Pro Pics photo 10

Pro Pics photo 11Pro Pics photo 12

Pro Pics photo 13Pro Pics photo 14

Pro Pics photo 15Pro Pics photo 16

Pro Pics photo 17Pro Pics photo 18

Pro Pics photo 19Pro Pics photo 20

Pro Pics photo 21Pro Pics photo 22

Pro Pics photo 23Pro Pics photo 24

Pro Pics photo 25Pro Pics photo 26

Pro Pics photo 27Pro Pics photo 28


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Reception Details photo 1Reception Details photo 2

Reception Details photo 3

Champagne glasses for the Bride and Groom


Reception Details photo 4

Matching cake set


Reception Details photo 5Reception Details photo 6



Reception Details photo 7Reception Details photo 8

Personalized beer mugs for the male bridal party members (Groomstand). The mugs were on the table and waiting for them when we arrived at the reception. Each one had the name of the owner and the date.


Monogram designed by Double Tree Designs

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The Groom photo 1The Groom photo 2

The Groom photo 3The Groom photo 4

White striped tie, white satin vest. White rose boutonniere to match bride's bouquet.

The Groom photo 5The Groom photo 6

Groom ring: 10K white gold with wedding date inscribed inside.