Oct 16, 2010

Cheesy Photobooths
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
There was a good 2 months where I didn't receive any follow-up responses from them, but all-in-all they're a good company with an excellent product. Ryan was extremely flexible and professional. I had inquired about their videography services 2 weeks before our wedding and they came through for us.

I initially didn't want a photobooth at our reception (it just seemed SO 2007), BUT my husband wanted it and EVERYONE JUST LOVED IT! It was SO much fun (almost too much!) and we're still enjoying looking at the crazy pictures taken that night.

It turned out, I sent a check for $100 less than our quoted price and because I was in the dark for 2 months about what had happened to our payment, they gave it to me for the amount I sent. (I'm telling you, it was worth every penny!)

Again, we were extremely lucky to have worked with so many great wedding vendors and Cheesy Photobooths was no exception!
Services used: Unique Services

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Jannette was incredible to work with! I went in there a few times and she was just so accomodating and flexible. The only time I had any "issue" with them was when Jannette wasn't there! I was told to stop by one Saturday (2 weeks before our wedding) to finalize the linens and chairs by someone other than Jannette, but when my fiance and I got there (we were told to come between 1130 am - 12 pm and we got there at 1145 am), the door was locked and no one answered the door bell. I even called and no one picked up the phone! I live a good 45 minutes away from them, so I was a little bothered that we had made the trek over there for no reason.

Anyway--like I said, Jannette was a pleasure to work with. I felt she gave us great deals and executed all my ever changing requests perfectly! Thank you!
Services used: Rentals & Photobooths

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I don't think that I need to say more than what others have already said about Allison. She truly is EVERYTHING we could have asked for, plus a bag of chips (BBQ Lays, my favorite!).

Excuse my dramatics, but I want to cry everything I think of our beautiful flowers--it was one of the highlights of our Big Day! When I walked into the reception venue, my heart about jumped outta my chest onto the terrace floor just looking at the centerpieces she created. Many of our guests commented on how beautiful our arrangements were from our bouquets to ALL the flowers used to decorate our venue...AMAZING!

Allison listened to every one of my details (and I had many!) and executed my "vision" better than I had even imagined! We couldn't be happier with her fabulous work--words just don't do her justice. Allison, THANK YOU so much for taking so much time in making sure I had the flowers of my dreams. We are truly blessed to have had you!
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Services used: Flowers

( 5.0 / 5.0 ) Kelly & Co.!

I hadn't even met her in person and I loved her! I booked her before I had my trial and she was just so calm and relaxed, even on my wedding day. I felt gorgeous on my Big Day--although (in my opinion) I looked completely different, my make-up felt light and my hair extenstion felt great! (I actually felt like Beyonce in all her fabulous-ness!)

The majority of my 10 bridesmaids used her team for their hair and just loved all their looks. Those that got their make-up done all commented how natural the products felt on their face. Her prices were excellent for the quality of work they do!

Kelly and her team arrived 30 minutes early (4:30am!) and were ready to work--no sleepy eyes and tireness. They were all very professional and so easy to work with.

I am SO lucky to have had the pleasure of having Kelly & Co. on our Big Day and would book her again in an instant! Not to mention recommend anyone else who's in need of an amazing beauty team!
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Services used: Beauty & Health

kim le photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Where do I even begin???

Even before meeting Kim, I had followed her blog and knew she was the one we wanted to photograph our Big Day.

From our initial meeting, we knew we just HAD to have her! It was important for us to work with vendors who not only did great work, but who were personable, yet professional. Kim not only fit our "requirements," but definitely exceeded them.

After we got the open dates for our reception venue, we contacted her right away. We initially set a date with her, but had to change it a few times and Kim was so great about it. We felt horrible for so much back and forth, but Kim took it with ease.

We absolutely loved our engagement pics and although we haven't seen all our wedding day pics just yet, I'm positive we'll love those just as much! Our wedding party kept commenting on her professionalism, never rude or demanding, but getting the job done efficiently and oh-so politely. At one point during the day, I (the bride) was getting cranky--I was tired, hungry and a bit impatient waing for the next group of guests to gather and Kim asked if I was okay. I felt a little bad because it wasn't anyone's fault, but just by that simple question made me feel like she was looking out for me.

Kim, you're AMAZING and we couldn't be happier/ luckier that we'll have your pictures to always remember our special day! Thank you SO much for everything!!!
Services used: Photography

( 3.0 / 5.0 )
To be completely honest, this was one wedding vendor I didn't really enjoy "working" with. I am a SUPER picky person and we were SO lucky to have had amazing vendors, but sadly this salon just wasn't one of them. I wasn't expecting the "red carpet" treatment, but looking back I felt more like a profit tool than a bride.

I had gone back here twice and I don't know what made me choose to buy ny dress here. I think it was because I felt pressured to buy a dress. I had tried on over 60 wedding dresses total (at different dress shops) and when I told our consultant that, she seemed a bit annoyed and insisted that I buy a dress "now" to avoid a rush fee.

A month after I bought the dress, I called to see if I could order a different dress instead. The woman who asnwered the phone said "absolutely not," so I called a different time and my consultant left me a message saying she could talk to her manager to see if there was anything they could do. Because of all the back and forth/ phone tag, I figured the dress must be THE one and decided to keep it.

When my dress arrived I went back to try on my actual dress for the first time and saw my consultant who didn't even acknowledge I was there, she had just been introduced to potential clients, and when she passed me she completely turned her back to speak to the other women. (She could have at least said hello, even if she didnt' remember me. She had been so "friendly" the 2 other times I had come in there before...)

I also thought about purchasing my veil (they quoted $525) from them and getting my alterations (about $300) by them, but because I was driving over an hour one way to get to them, I decided to find places closer to me in Valencia. I purchased my beautiful veil VERY similar to theirs for $160 and got my alterations done for $104!!! (Yes, their prices are a "bit" inflated.)

One thing's for sure though--they do have a large selection of bridal gowns.
Services used: Dress & Attire

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I don't think I can say enough good (no, GREAT!) things about Eric. From the first time we contacted him up until the VERY end of our wedding day, he was nothing short of amazing.

Eric was always responsive and extremely helpful--answering every e-mail and going the extra mile if we asked. (We made a last minute decision to hire a videographer and he was more than happy to help!) At our first meeting, he wanted to make sure he was a good fit for us and wasn't just trying to get our business even if he wasn't what we were looking for (but of course he was PERFECT!). We were looking for someone who was professional, yet personable and who was in the "know" about music and we were SO very lucky to find him.

When we initially booked him (over a year in advance) we had set a date, but that changed a few times and our back and fourth didn't seem to bother Eric at all. He was extremely flexible and pretty much let us lead the way. Even on our wedding day, when our day-of-coordinator (provided by our venue) was no where to be found, Eric stepped up and took charge of our bridal party entrance. At certain times during our Big Day, Eric would check in with us to make sure we were okay and/ or let us know what would be coming up next. He genuinely cares about his clients wants and needs and there is no doubt we felt the love!

Eric, if you're reading this, everyone had such an AMAZING time at our wedding, especially us! You were such a joy to work with--everything was so easy with you and we are grateful that there was no fuss at all! Thank you SO much for being such a reliable and honest wedding vendor and giving us more than we could have asked for. (Thanks for playing all the NKOTB songs we/Anna requested!) We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we enjoyed having you! Let's do it again, shall we???

Anna & Ryan Metz
Services used: DJ