Oct 10, 2009

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These are my INSPIRATION!!!

My hair Inspirations photo 1

My hair Inspirations photo 2


My Hair! It turned out alright!

My hair Inspirations photo 3My hair Inspirations photo 4My hair Inspirations photo 5

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So i went home to wisconsin to visit my family and friends this past summer, and little to my knowledge my mom and her 3 sisters had planned a bridal shower with all of my girlfriends,and cousins!

the bridal shower photo 1the bridal shower photo 2the bridal shower photo 3

the bridal shower photo 4

I had so much fun!!

The girls planned a game where they each picked out a pair of underwear that represented their personality put them in a box and i had to guess who gave them to me! It was sooo funny!


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We have chosen to get married outdoors, this is one place we both loved in Wi, close to my home town. The milford hills hunt club.

The Venue photo 1


The Venue photo 2The Venue photo 3The Venue photo 4The Venue photo 5

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The Dress I wore was the by Allure in Ivory/Cafe Its So different and beautiful!The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2

The Dress photo 3The Dress photo 4

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I am from Lake Mills Wisconsin, When i graduated from highschool I had decided to move to Texas to start my life on my own! Well I had decided to move to san antonio, tx! While living there never did I think I would be finding the man of my dreams! Little did i know...... San Antonio is a very big Military city, and so of course here I am in love with my military man! We met while i was working, and knew that it was somethings special from the first moment we looked at eachother. After dating for a while I knew that he was The ONE!


On the last friday in august 2008 he told me we were going to the riverwalk with some friends, this was never unusual so i didnt suspect a thing! We went to dinner, and walked around.... then he took me to where the horse drawn carraiges were and asked if i want to ride one! Of course! I love horses! So i walked up started to pet the horse lad dee daa with out a clue what was going on behind me! well then he said hey meg turn around I gotta show you somthing!


welllll...... When i turned around there he was on down on his knee!!!



OMG Best day of my life!


and of course! I said YES!!The engagement photo 1The engagement photo 2The engagement photo 3

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