Jul 19, 2009

Homestyle Desserts
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Homestyle Desserts was in charge of baking our wedding cake because it was included in our reception hall price/contract. I was a bit unsure of this at first because I had never heard of it and wondered why my reception hall would do business with a bakery far away. However, after attending the tasting and seeing the cake at my wedding, I am so happy I was able to have them bake my cake. The tasting was most helpful and we were able to blend flavors and choose more than one filling (chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and cheesecake filling). The icing was a delicious buttercream that we were able to get done in a chantilly lace pattern in our wedding colors (black and white). I am also used to wedding cakes being dry and forgettable; however, our cake was moist and delicious. Guests are still talking about the appearance and taste of my cake now! If our top layer doesn't last the year in our freezer, we plan to visit the bakery and have them bake us a smaller version of it for our first anniversary.
Services used: Wedding Cake

Lucky Cheng's
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
If you're looking for a drag show that will both shock and humor you, this is definitely the place to go. I refused to go up for a lap dance because it was a bit too racy for me, but they were humorous to watch. The show was funny and fun to watch, but sometimes it was too loud where I couldn't even understand what the performers were saying. Also, the place is a bit cramped and I had to keep turning around and craning my neck to see the show. The food was good, but the cake at the end seemed a bit dry and too chocolate-y for me. The bachelorette kit they sell was pretty cool and funny; I still have some of the items from mine. I enjoyed my waitress a lot and found that she was just as funny as the performers. At the end of our meal, it seemed like we were being rushed out of the place, though, which I didn't expect. I really wanted to stay a little while longer for more drinks and food, but they needed the table already.
Services used: Unique Services