Jul 31, 2010

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So here's the deal. The Sunday before our wedding I found a lump in my breast. I instantly knew our lives were changing forever. I definitely soaked in every moment of our wedding day and cherished it. IT was fabulous!Exactly one month after discovering the lump, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm 34 years old with no family history! Plans for opening my own wedding accessory and design business have hit the back burner. Here are the left overs for sale.  REASONABLE offers accepted. Buyer to pay shipping unless otherwise indicated or agreed.  Insurance suggested on delicate items. Pictures available for email on request.

Girls lastly-  FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!!!!!!! It could save your life!

Good luck and thanks for looking!

Wedding Items

3-silver hurricane with chandelier design 7 7/8 high x 5 1/8 diameter-$5 each

1-roll damask stickers unopened 6x3 ¾-$5

80-black organza chair sashes-$40

88-ivory/cream rose clips-$44

4-DIY mercury glass votives-$4

3-lace covered jar votives-$2

8-pearl and silver beaded napkin rings-$8

10-ivory clip table number stands 10 ½ in high (6) heart (4) rose-$15

14-stick lighters-$7(never used)

Reception sign-ivory and black crackled 20x7 ½-$15

Wedding sign-ivory and black crackled

    20x5 ½-$15

100-silver beaded edge chargers with sparkle finish-$80

20-mirrors 8x12-$20

Bubble basket-10x7 ½ x10 high-$7

Program Basket- 17x15x15 high-$10

3-tins 3x2 from Michaels-$1.50

1-bucket “Brides” paper flowers-$2

76-hand made ivory and toile unlined napkins-$38

10-fish bowl vases-$20

10-mini glass salt and pepper shakers (some discoloration to tops)-$5

5-beaded hanging bottles 12 in long 2x3-$10

10-petal cones ivory and black with chandelier crystal detail head flowers down aisle 11x8-$40

10- peel and stick lights-$5

2-EZ lights with replacement bulbs-$3

Sparkler bucket-ivory and black crackled finish. Black lace and beaded crystal dangles-$10

Black rose petals most unused 500+--$3

12 old fashioned light posts 4in high-$12

8 park benches 2.5x2 ¼-$8

Black satin table cloth-custom made-Used for head table steamed and pressed-326x60-$30

Black satin table cloth used for candy buffet table-custom made 144x60-$20

10 black organza table overlays 54x54-$20

Black linen table cloth 60x84-$3

2 guest towel holders-$6

Bathroom tray ivory and black crackled-$5

Ivory and black damask journal-$1

25-3x3 etched mirrors most brand new never used-$12

8-ivory organza with raised black velvet flocking rose pattern runners-custom made- 112x30-$64



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Our Venue Lawn of Hotel Lakeside photo 1

Bench where he proposed

Lakeside is a place to go. We spend every chance we get there. It is one of the most relaxing places I've ever been. You switch onto "Lakeside time" as soon as you arrive and everything just happens when it happens. We knew it was the only place we would be married.

History on Lakeside

Lakeside is among the first Chautauqua communities founded in the United States, in 1873. It has been a center for religion, education, cultural arts, recreation and relaxation for more than 135 years. Today, it thrives as one of the few remaining Chautauqua communities, offering summer-long spiritual, educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities for all who come here.

You'll experience this legacy each time you visit Lakeside, in the many programs and activities that take place on campus during the 11-week Chautauqua summer season. You'll also see Lakeside's legacy come alive as you walk the grounds. Many of the vintage cottages and community buildings are over a century old, and painstakingly maintained by multiple generations.

For more into go to

Our Venue Lawn of Hotel Lakeside photo 2

A shot of my family in front of Hotel Lakeside


Our Venue Lawn of Hotel Lakeside photo 3

View from lawn of of Hotel Lakeside. This will be what our guests look out at from out tented reception.


Our Venue Lawn of Hotel Lakeside photo 4

Ceremony site

Our Venue Lawn of Hotel Lakeside photo 5

Another view of Hotel and fountain


Our Venue Lawn of Hotel Lakeside photo 6

Blurry pic of pier where we'll make our exit under sparklers at sunset. We chartered an old wooden boat to pick us up whisk us away!

News story on Lakeside


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I been working for almost a year on making my wedding all that it could be on a meager budget. That meant  doing most things myself. Here's pictures of what I've done

.DIY projects photo 1

Sparkler Bucket

DIY projects photo 2

Sparkler tags "Sprinkle Sparks of Love"

DIY projects photo 3

Flower Girl bags

DIY projects photo 4

Jewelry for my girls

DIY projects photo 5

Bubble basket

DIY projects photo 6

Reception sign

DIY projects photo 7DIY projects photo 8DIY projects photo 9DIY projects photo 10DIY projects photo 11DIY projects photo 12

Wedding sign           Guest book            Garter belt          Memory candle        menus            petal cones


DIY projects photo 13DIY projects photo 14DIY projects photo 15DIY projects photo 16DIY projects photo 17DIY projects photo 18

another sign       sign for candy buffet      memory candles              out of town bags   flower girl baskets

member photo

candu buffet bags 

DIY projects photo 19

bird cage with sandelwood fans

DIY projects photo 20                                       DIY projects photo 21                             

fabric for table overlays                          basket for programs


DIY projects photo 22


DIY projects photo 23candy buffet tagsDIY projects photo 24hair fascinator

I still have table overlays to finish!

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Pete and met before we really knew who we were. Our mother's attended the same bible study group. Pete was a year old and I  was 6 years old. I really don't remember him but I do remember going to the lady's house who hosted the study and playing with all the kids there. We met again quite a few years later through mutual friends. He was coming over to cut a friends Dad's hair. I was there visiting with his friend's mom.(we worked together for years) We often saw one another at friendly holiday gatherings and even went to several reverse raffles as part of a group.

A group of us met weekly for wings and drinks at a local place. Pete heard I had recently ended a relationship. He stopped by my house and asked me out. Flattered as I was I told him I had no plans of dating yet. We continued to see one another in group settings and were always friendly and enjoyed each others company. Then on Fourth Of July 2004 we both attended the same party with friends. I remember taking a stroll toward the lake and grabbing his arm as we walked and talked. Move #1. Move #2 occurred at the lake when he leaned over and kissed me. That was it. We spent almost every day together since. He would come over and sit with me while I finished studying for my nursing finals. I don't think either of realized what was happening it just did. He slowly spent more and more time with me and soon had his own house key.  

On April 19, 2006, I gave birth to our first child Annabella Justine. We had a happy family and then just 3 months later learned God would bless us again with a second child. On May 22, 2007, Adrianna Justine entered the world. Life was good. Hectic but good. Often Pete would mention marriage and I was once bitten twice shy. I would always say we were good the way we were. Time moves on quickly at our house! 

I remember shopping and looking at jewelry and saying OK let's just do it. "let's do it at Lakeside". Lakeside was Pete's favorite place to go. On my first trip there, I too fell in love.  His response was "you are crazy I've been asking you forever if you want to get married and you always tell me no. Forget it we are good like we are. " So that was the end of it for me I decided we WERE good they way we are.

Mother's Day weekend 2009. We had plans to go to Lakeside. His parents will keep the kids overnight and we would rent a room. No kids, just dinner and us!

Lately my girls have been fascinated with the princesses and getting married. They play and talk about marrying a prince all the time. We sing the Snow White theme song all the time. A fun phase for them. So I really wasn't too surprise the Friday night before Mother's Day. I came home from work and was trying to get in the shower. Annabella stopped me to ask if I wanted my Mother's day present early. I had asked for a pearl necklace. I told her I could wait but she was insistent, "but Mom it's ring for when you get married". Bella was quickly ushered away by her father only to return and tell me to close eyes and put out my hands. I humored her and did so. "There" she says, and places her little fingers in my hand. "It's beautiful it's your pearl necklace, no really it's a bracelet". So I became a little suspicious..........

We arrived at Lakeside settled in and Pete asked me to take a walk before we left for dinner. We headed for the pier but it was roped off due to the wind. We walked along the along the lake and Pete made an excuse to sit down. "my back hurts let's rest". We sat on a bench overlooking he lake. He  waited until passersby were gone and asked me if I wanted my Mother's Day present early. I said sure. He pulled out a navy blue velvet ring box and  handed it to me. He told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. "Will you marry me?". I said yes and we kissed and just soaked in the moment. Then we strolled back along the lake. On the way we had looked at an antique Hosier for sale. We stopped and asked if the owners would hold it until tomorrow for us. Then we headed out to eat dinner. The Cavs were in the play offs and we headed to Damons. It's on the Sandusky Bay and overlooks the lake. We found the perfect seat were we could eat, watch the sunset and the Cavs game!